Joe Wolf

Joe Wolf

Imagine Worldwide

Joe Wolf, CEO and cofounder of Imagine Worldwide, a nonprofit that partners with organizations across the globe to provide child-directed, tech-enabled learning that is accessible, effective, and affordable. Wolf has long been involved in creating innovative nonprofits that focus on education: Before cofounding Imagine Worldwide, Wolf cofounded two highly successful nonprofits focused on innovation and equity for the U.S. K-12 market, The Learning Accelerator and Open Up Resources. But after Wolf learned how roughly half a billion of the world’s children have “never learned foundational literacy and numeracy,” he decided Imagine Worldwide would have an international focus.

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Today, Wolf is passionately committed to eliminating global educational inequity through scalable solutions.  Imagine Worldwide helps all children around the globe achieve the foundational literacy and numeracy skills they need to reach their full potential. His goal for the nonprofit is relatively straightforward, as he recently stated in a video interview on “This is a solvable problem… nothing needs to be invented. We’ve used technology to transform all segments of the economy. The question is, do we want to do it for the children most in need? Do we want to bring technology into their lives? Do we want to ensure that we’re committed to the measurement that ensures these technologies continue to improve and benefit the children most in need? This is a solvable problem.

Literacy is directly correlated to several social metrics that chart the way a child can realize their potential. Literate children live longer, take better care of themselves, take better care of the environment, earn more money, and the results are multi-generational in that literate adults and children are more likely to have literate children themselves as well as their brothers, sisters, parents, etc.

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