Fareedah Shaheed

Fareedah Shaheed


Fareedah Shaheed founded Sekuva almost immediately after graduating from the Community College of Baltimore County in 2018. Simultaneously, she worked as a security control analyst for T. Rowe Price, though her real passion lay in the intersection of cybersecurity and online family safety. She left T. Rowe Price in 2021 to focus full-time on Sekuva. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Her self-described mission with Sekuva is to “empower parents with online security awareness while building closer parent-child relationships.” Even though Sekuva has only been active since 2018, Shaheed has already helped thousands of families achieve a safe online environment for their children. That includes advanced not only in online gaming and communication protection but also across social media and cyberbullying. 

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