Dustin  Moskovitz

Dustin  Moskovitz

Cofounder, Good Ventures

Entrepreneur Dustin Moskovitz earned billions of dollars co-founding Facebook and Asana. Now, he’s applying his keen eye for successful projects to the world of philanthropy. In 2011, Moskovitz co-founded Good Ventures, which supports an incredibly eclectic variety of causes. Moskovitz believes that humanity has made great strides over the past few decades, and that funding wide-reaching, transparent charities is a reliable way to continue that trend. Since its inception, Good Ventures has invested in everything from malaria treatment in developing countries, to LGBT rights in the United States, to reducing the risk of natural disasters anywhere on Earth. The organization has also partnered with Open Philanthropy to help wealthy donors determine which causes they should support, with the resources they have available.

This year, Moskovitz’s organization has directed millions of dollars to a variety of causes. Good Ventures has invested in AI research, housing reform, life sciences, animal welfare, coworking spaces, video production, medical advancements, and career counseling, among dozens of other initiatives. The grants themselves range from $30,000 to $10 million. Moskovitz and Good Ventures serve as salient reminders that humans are a diverse species, and the next big idea that improves our planet could come from almost any field of study.

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