Divya Nettimi

Divya Nettimi

Avala Global

Considering she’s only in her mid-30s, Divya Nettimi’s rise in finance is nothing short of meteoric. Though she trained as a biomechanical engineer at Stanford as an undergraduate, she received her MBA from Harvard Business School in 2014 while simultaneously working as an associate for Goldman Sachs. She then worked as a portfolio manager for Viking Global, handling over $4 billion in assets before making a landmark move when she founded her own hedge fund, Avala Global (not to be confused with German VC firm Avala Capital). 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: CBottom line, she smashed the finance industry’s re-inforced glass ceiling with Avala Global by receiving over $1 billion in commitments at launch. That makes hers the most significant launch of a woman-led firm in that finance space and the largest in 2022.

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