Dario & Daniela Amodei

Dario & Daniela Amodei

Cofounders, Anthropic

The sibling cofounders of the buzzy AI startup, Anthropic, CEO Dario and company president Daniela Amodei are on a mission to save the world from bad actors intent on abusing AI to spread misinformation, perpetrate scams and hack into systems. In pursuit of creating a safer and more ethical AI, they have been training their chatbot Claude with a set of rules called Constitutional AI which aims to instill values that will help the model distinguish right from wrong and enable it to morally correct itself when instructed to produce harmful outputs.

Prior to cofounding Anthropic in 2021, both worked at OpenAI. Dario was the head of research for ChatGPT’s foundation model and Daniela was head of safety and policy. Before that, Dario worked at Google Brain and with AI pioneer Andrew Ng at Baidu.

With all of its specialized AI talent, Anthropic has generated a great deal of interest from the tech giants seeking to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other rivals. That includes Amazon, which just announced an investment of up to $4 billion in the company, and Salesforce Ventures, which was an early investor. Even Google has a stake and and just committed to invest up to $2 billion more over time.

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