Christophe Beck

Christophe Beck


Beck began his efforts at building a safer and more sustainable planet back in 2006 when he was nominated as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. After 16 years at Nestlé. Beck joined Ecolab and became executive vice president and president of Global Integration. He’s held several other roles inside the Ecolab umbrella, including executive vice president and president of International Regions and executive vice president and president of Nalco Water. For its part, Ecolab serves more than three million commercial customers in its quest to optimize energy and water usage and improve food safety on a multinational scale. The company has recently been recognized for its sustainability leadership by the environmental non-profit CDP for the third year in a row and by DiversityInc as a Top 50 Company for its inclusive hiring. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: Over the last several years, Beck has used his executive position to work tirelessly toward environmental awareness around the globe. He talks publicly and often to encourage, even demand, that the world’s industrial leaders work harder to stave off an impending water crisis, especially in fast-growing countries like India. His work in that country alone has provided enough drinking water to serve Mumbai’s needs for the next year and a half. He’s stated publicly that “we will never have more water than what’s on the planet today. And today the planet uses as much water as what nature can replenish; it’s a circle. By 2030, we need 56 percent more water than what nature can provide and that’s not going to happen because the gap is not going to come from Mars.”

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