Chris Motley

Chris Motley

Mentor Spaces

At the tail end of his job as Executive Vice President at 1888 Mills, Chris Motley left to found his first venture, Better Weekdays, in 2011. After running that company for over ten years, Motley founded his latest startup, Mentor Spaces. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: With Mentor Spaces, Motley is not only trying to connect young workers of color with job opportunities, but he’s also looking to connect them with mentors since, as he puts it, nobody succeeds alone. In a recent interview with Forbes, Motley said, “One of the key pain points of young people of color, and I mean underrepresented Black and Latinx communities, is a lack of confidence.” By brokering relationships between newcomers to the workforce and experienced professionals looking to share wisdom, Mentor Spaces is looking to give underrepresented minority job seekers a leg up they need in an uncertain future.

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