Allister Chang & Courtney Bragg

Allister Chang & Courtney Bragg

Fabric Health

Courtney Bragg has more than ten years in healthcare, where she’s worked as VP and GM of Market Launch and Product for Virtudent as well as a principal for Ampersand Advisory, where she led a series of projects across a broad spectrum of public and private healthcare clients. Allisater Chang was executive director for Libraries Without Borders as well as a visiting researcher at the Global Policy Institute and UNESCO. More recently, he founded Civic Suds, a mission similar to his latest venture with Bragg, Fabric Health, the latter of which has allowed both Bragg and Chang to combine forces and create a powerful startup.

Why They Made the Worthy 100: The two came up with the Fabric Health concept in 2021, but the project took off in January of 2022 when they won first place in the Richard King Foundation’s first pitch competition, which garnered them a $500,000 investment. Fabric Health had already been launched in Philadelphia, but the new cash influx let them to expand to Pittsburgh as well. Fabric Health’s concept is a little out of left field, but is nevertheless effective. It centers around laundromats, where millions of low-income Americans regularly spend a lot of time. Bragg and Chang hypothesized that many of those people are either running unchecked health risks or are confused about their healthcare options. To help, Fabric Health now offers direct intervention at laundromat sites to assist people get the care they need. 

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