Allisa Song

Allisa Song


You might think that eyedrops are so basic they’re as good as they’re ever going to get. Well, you’d be wrong, and Allisa Song would be happy to explain why. Along with three other cofounders, she started Nanodropper while still in medical school–where she’s still learning as an MD Candidate at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. 

Why They Made the Worthy 100: A self-described passionate advocate for health equity, she was angered by the news that drug companies deliberately oversize eyedrops to sell more bottles. Every eyedrop sold commercially today is more than two to three times larger than what the eye can take in. That’s wasted medicine and wasted money for consumers. She and her cofounders developed the Nanodropper, an affordable adapter that tacks onto any eyedropper bottle that then minimizes the amount of liquid coming out so you’re only flushing out your eye and not your wallet.

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