In 1993, Jensen Huang helped to change the world when he founded Nvidia. The innovative creation of graphic processing units (GPUs), and all of the parallel technological advancements that have come along with them, has generated a new age that has allowed technology to become the pervasive entity that we can no longer live without. From video games to space exploration, our lives would not be the same without the creation of GPUs. Nvidia is one of the organizations responsible for the adaptation of the GPU to every aspect of digital life as we know it today. As one of the most adaptable and holistic-minded CEOs in the world, Huang grasped the impact potential of GPUs early on and utilized the technology to help provide crucial advancements across all industries. While advancements in industries like space exploration and health care cannot be attributed to Huang directly, technology rolled out by Nvidia has facilitated many of those achievements—as technology progresses, so do the applications of that technology across all industries. 

Nvidia is aware of its impact across industries and works diligently through its corporate and social responsibility program to make use of its technology’s versatility. Examples of these efforts are readily visible on the company website, demonstrating how Nvidia software can be used to combat a range of social, medical and environmental issues such as wildfires, fast medical scans and imaging, waste reduction and so much more. Through a variety of programs, Nvidia provides a platform for companies to make use of the technology titan’s innovative designs. In addition to the company’s awareness of their broad technological impact, Nvidia also strives to make an impact within its respective communities. Through an extensive philanthropic program called Inspire 365 that maintains the mantra “better together,” Nvidia encourages its employees to choose programs to get involved with personally and allows them to give back in the way they choose. One of the ways that the company empowers employees to get involved with and give back to their communities is their policy on volunteering—employees are encouraged to offer their time to philanthropic causes, and Nvidia matches their donations and time through monetary contributions. Additionally, employees are granted paid time off to volunteer in their communities, and the company highlights its employees’ projects on the company website’s Inspire 365 page. 


Technological powerhouses like Nvidia—which are aware of their impact potential across industries and within communities—are crucial to the continuation of rapid technological advancement. Conscious collaboration between technology and other industries has the potential to expedite advancement in numerous fields proving that Nvidia’s “better together” mantra is applicable in more ways than one.