I have always lived in Brooklyn and never needed a car. There is a strange sense of freedom to not owning a car, one less thing to worry about. But we’re moving to Westchester, where not having a car isn’t really an option. I’m also expecting my second child. So, not only do I need a car, I need a big car. Where to begin? Then, Lincoln asked if I wanted to try their new Aviator, and the timing felt serendipitous.

Being British, we have not been able to travel home for a very long time and have rarely left Dumbo on account of everything happening in the world. But we had a Labor Day weekend trip planned to Cape Cod, a five-hour drive to really get to know the Lincoln Aviator.


The stylish design of the car is deceiving, as it also has a huge amount of space inside. It is the first time we’ve loaded a trunk for a weekend away without also having to put luggage elsewhere in the car. Loaded up with space to spare, we set off, blissfully oblivious to the fact that due to it being Labor Day weekend the drive was about to take hours. So, we were REALLY going to get to know the Lincoln Aviator. 


The panoramic vista roof spans the full length of the car, so despite often spending time in traffic, there was an open and calm nature to the journey. The sense of calm was also helped by the massage seats. Yes. Massage seats. The car’s seats are super comfortable soft leather seats which are great in their own right. Seemingly novelty at first, you then realize that on a long trip, a chair that massages your back is pretty great. 

The blind spot detection and distance guides really helped reduce the anxiety of what could have been a stressful situation. But it wasn’t. The drive there was long but relaxing. The outside traffic noise is noticeably minimized, and the attention to acoustics is clearly evident. We arrived at the wonderful Chatham Bars Inn with my toddler excited to jump into their huge pool and us excited for him to burn off some energy.


The next two days driving around Cape Cod were stunning. Windows down and sunroof open, we drove around with smiles on our faces, spotting the many seals just offshore. While the pandemic has stopped us from visiting the UK, we felt satiated as this place reminded us of Cornwall in the UK. The temperature was a few degrees cooler than New York City, which also helped with the British feeling. We stopped for fish and chips at Chatham Pier Fish Market by the dock. (As a Brit, can I just say, the chips were not chips, they were fries; chips are chunkier. Rant over.) A local walked by and commented, “Wow, Lincoln really came through with this car huh?” They really did.

We felt sad to leave the Cape. The hotel was stunning and clean and driving around in a wonderful car was the perfect tonic after five months of social distancing in the city. I now realize that we should have had a car when we lived in the city. The freedom we felt of being able to drive and discover beautiful new places was incredible. I now also realize that you can drive large SUV’s that look stylish. I’m excited about my new driving chapter of living in the U.S., and I’m glad Lincoln turned me on to it.