Experts have been predicting the death of print at least since the internet became a mass phenomenon. And as with so many other trends, the COVID-19 pandemic that emerged in 2020 acted as an accelerant. Some publications cut the number of print issues they produced last year; some, including Worth magazine, stopped publishing altogether.

Yet print retains an enduring power. Some of that power may derive from the fact that print has been around for so long; it’s as if holding a physical book or magazine ties us into the history of human knowledge. And print has an iconic allure that is unmatched by anything in the digital realm; I know from many years of working in financial media that there is nothing that can be done with a laptop or a phone that holds as much appeal to many a CEO as putting him or her on a magazine cover. In addition, there are advertisers who feel that their products simply look better with the texture and luster that print alone provides.


It’s a great pleasure, then, to announce that Worth is returning to print. In June, we are producing a special single-topic issue devoted to travel in the post-COVID era. Among the topics we’ll be covering:

  • The New Travel Tech: Gadgets and Apps to Keep You Safe
  • Business Travel in the Zoom Age: When Do You Hop on a Plane?
  • Private Aviation: What Changed for Good During the Pandemic
  • What Cities Are Doing to Bring Back Tourism

“Print will continue to be an important component of our integrated multi-platform approach,” says Josh Kampel, CEO of Clarim Media, which owns Worth. “As we expand our offerings, we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our audiences and our advertisers with high-quality digital content, virtual events and live events (when they return).”

True to that 360-degree offering, the June travel issue will also be marked with a virtual event devoted to travel. We’re really excited to return to print; when you’re a legacy print publication, getting back to words and images on paper feels like traveling home.