Vivienne Ming

Vivienne Ming

Cofounder and CEO, Socos Labs
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Ming cofounded the “mad science incubator” Socos Labs in 2011, which partnered with StartOut in 2020 to launch the StartOut Pride Economic Impact Index. This initiative’s goal is to “quantify the unrealized potential of ‘out’ high-growth LGBTQ entrepreneurs, for the benefit of the U.S. economy at large,” according to StartOut.

Ming said, “Our big-data driven, close-to-real-time approach takes the guesswork out of decision making for interventions. Over time, we can evaluate trends and differences with the data at hand and will gain deep insights into which programs and regulations impact opportunities for underrepresented communities, positively and negatively.”

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Ming is also a theoretical neuroscientist and author.

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