Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck

CEO and Cofounder, Ellevest

2020 was a notable year when it came to working to improve diversity and racial injustice. Many companies took action—including Ellevest, a financial company that’s “core mission is [to] get more money in the hands of women,” cofounder and CEO Krawcheck told Worth back in July. This was when Ellevest rolled out an expansion to its intentional impact portfolios—public equity portfolios that are built to make investing in companies doing right by women easier. The expansion allowed Ellevest to weed out companies that don’t meet Ellevest’s standards for pursuing gender equality and racial justice from these portfolios by examining 13 focus areas that can have a negative impact on women and women of color in the U.S.

“Given the devastating she-cession women are experiencing as a result of the pandemic, Ellevest’s mission has never been clearer, nor our work more crucial,” Krawcheck told Worth. “I’m so proud of the Ellevest team for stepping up with a commitment to answer any and all of our community’s money questions—so much so that a third party reported that we had 80 percent of social media interactions during the spring across our industry. The team also met the moment by adding a racial justice lens to our Ellevest intentional impact portfolios, knowing that we can’t support gender equality without also being anti-racist.”

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