Nichole Mustard

Nichole Mustard

Cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer, Credit Karma
Mustard Nichole

Nichole Mustard oversees the business development team at Credit Karma, a company she helped found on the premise that people shouldn’t have to pay for access to their credit and financial data. Last year she moved from California to London to help open a UK operation for the firm.

Credit Karma was launched in San Francisco in 2007—right as the financial crisis exploded. The economic turmoil was two-sided: Advertisers fled, but consumers were in greater need of the free credit scores and other financial services, like tax planning, that Credit Karma offered. The company earns revenue from banks and lenders, who pay fees when its users choose one of their products. It now has 1,000 employees and is valued at $4 billion.

Prior to joining Credit Karma, Nichole spent five years as financial services sales director at Compete, a digital market research firm.

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