Neha Shukla

Neha Shukla

Author & Activist
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At just 19 years old, Neha Shukla is accumulating titles the way most people collect USB cables. She currently chairs the World Economic Forum’s first entirely youth-led artificial intelligence advisory body, spearheading global discussions and advocating for ethical and child-safe AI policies. Additionally, she is the bestselling author of A Kids Book About AI, which explores the ethical dimensions of AI and its potential for social impact. Having conducted innovation and community impact workshops for 75,000 students across 35 countries, she inspires girls and students of color to channel their creativity for the greater good. Shukla was the youngest United Nations delegate at the UN General Assembly in New York City and was selected by the White House National Space Council as a champion for girls in tech.

Shukla has made a place for herself among changemakers decades her senior by encouraging girls and boys to learn new skills and apply them for the greater good.

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