Mariana Vasconcelos

Mariana Vasconcelos

Founder, Agrosmart
Agrosmart Mariana

The daughter of Brazilian farmers, Mariana Vasconcelos founded Agrosmart, a phone app that helps farmers save water, in 2016, when she was 23 years old.

Agrosmart creates software that utilizes AI to make agricultural predictions based on weather conditions, soil data and the genetic properties of crops. Drones and satellites gather the information, and Agrosmart gives recommendations to farmers, helping them save water and energy and increase their yields. The company claims that users have reduced water consumption by 60 percent and energy consumption by 40 percent. Coca-Cola, a client for several years, uses Agrosmart to monitor fruit farms in Espírito Santo, in southeastern Brazil.

Vasconcelos studied business at the Federal University of Itajuba in Brazil, and also has degrees from the University of Sao Paolo’s agriculture college, UCLA and the executive leadership program at Singularity University. She is also the global ambassador of Thought for Food, which bills itself as “the world’s next-gen innovation engine for food and agriculture.”

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