Lucy Lang

Lucy Lang

Manhattan District Attorney Candidate
Lucy Lang headshot 1 scaled

Lucy Lang is currently gunning to become Manhattan’s first female district attorney.

Lang, who spent 12 years working as a prosecutor in the Manhattan DA’s office before leaving in 2018 to lead the Institute for Innovative Prosecution at John Jay College, had dedicated her career to criminal justice reform and upholding racial and gender equity—just two of the issues she’s promised to tackle if elected to office. Through her dedication to serving—and listening to—communities, her passion for “dignity, equity and safety” shines through—even winning her an endorsement from the survivors of Harvey Weinstein.

“I am running to realize the full potential of what the office of the district attorney can be,” Lang told Worth. “Many people think that the district attorney is the equivalent of a prosecutor when, in fact, prosecution is just one piece of what the district attorney can do with and for communities. I’m running to prioritize prevention and healing to uphold racial and gender equity and to promote the dignity of all New Yorkers.

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