Jordan Gaspar

Jordan Gaspar

Managing Partner, AF Ventures

As a result of COVID-19, people are prioritizing health and wellness more than ever starting with what they eat and drink, and most recently even expanding to what they put on their bodies as well. Well ahead of this better-for-you movement was Jordan Gaspar, president and managing partner of consumer packaged goods VC firm, AF Ventures, a 100 percent woman-owned VC firm.

In 2014, Gaspar had the foresight to do something no one thought to do—enter the male dominated VC space and invest in a nontraditional category, early-stage food and beverage brands that appeal to the modern, health-conscious and discerning consumer. Most recently, Jordan predicted key themes within the industry again and, pre-pandemic, AF expanded their investment thesis beyond food and beverage to include healthy living-directed verticals of personal care, beauty, wellness and pet—all within the better-for-you space. In 2020, the firm grew to $105 million AUM.

“All you can do is be the best version of yourself, and to continue to execute on your own values and drive forward, not let people dissuade you from what you’re building,” Gaspar told Forbes last year. “We did everything we could to stay out of the politics, always followed through and delivered on what we said we would, and not just be a taker in our ecosystem but also to always be mindful of giving back.”

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