Janet Truncale

Janet Truncale

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In July of 2024, Janet Truncale will make history as the first female CEO of a Big Four consulting firm. With over 30 years of experience at EY, Truncale has risen to head of the financial services business in the Americas—where she leads a team of 14,000—and is slated to take over for current CEO Carmine Di Sibio, who is set to retire in June. While the Big Four—Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, and EY—have previously appointed women to lead some of their biggest member firms, July will mark the first time a woman runs global operations.

The extended working hours and ample travel required in consulting positions do not align well with the responsibilities of a primary caregiver—a role that continues to be largely shouldered by women. These factors, along with the historically gender-exclusive nature of the industry, have contributed to the persistence of a male-dominated space—particularly at the partner and C-suite levels. As such, Truncale’s appointment will be a monumental event for the industry, demonstrating both steps toward gender parity and how far it has yet to go.

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