Fernanda Carapinha

Fernanda Carapinha

Founder and CEO, WE Global Studios
fernanda carapinha

With a background in media, technology and entertainment and an entrepreneurial spirit, Carapinha launched WE Global Studios in 2020. The site serves as the first virtual innovation studio by and for women entrepreneurs. Through WE Global Studios, Carapinha is helping female founders and entrepreneurs develop and grow their startups, giving them the skills they need to help them launch and sustain successful businesses, while also allowing them to connect with other like-minded people.

“It’s been a privilege of a lifetime to build WE Global Studios, where women entrepreneurs are building their empires,” Carapinha told Worth. “This accomplishment has only been made possible through the collective passion of the extraordinary women on our team. We believe that it is the time for women around the world to disrupt and lead by harnessing the power of this new startup ecosystem.

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