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Worth @: SXSW with Jenna Fizel

Worth @: SXSW with Jenna Fizel

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Dan Costa with Jenna Fizel - Head of Emerging Technology, IDEO

Dan Costa of Worth Media Group interviews Jenna Fizel Head of Emerging Technology, at SXSW 2024. In the interview, Fizel discussed IDEO's approach to emerging technologies and innovation. She explained how IDEO uses a human-centered design process to identify new opportunities and develop solutions that address real user needs.

Fizel emphasized the importance of understanding the context and implications of emerging technologies, rather than just focusing on the technology itself. She also touched on topics like the role of AI, the future of work, and IDEO's collaborative approach to tackling complex challenges. Overall, the interview provided insights into how a leading design and innovation firm like IDEO navigates the rapidly evolving technology landscape 

Worth @: is an ongoing video series created and produced by Worth Media featuring a series of discussions at key events revolving around diverse topics such as film, music, art, lifestyle, climate innovation, sports, and finance. These events provide Worth the opportunity to showcase conversations with influential leaders, visionaries, creators, and industry giants, exploring the intricate interplay between business, finance, innovation, and societal impact. Our featured guests share valuable insights into the missions and future aspirations inline with our “Worth beyond Wealth” mantra.

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