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Worth @ Milken Conference 2024 w/ Murray Hidary

Worth @ Milken Conference 2024 w/ Murray Hidary

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Worth Media with Murray Hidary - Murray is a multifaceted entrepreneur, composer, and mindfulness leader known for his pioneering work in technology, music, and wellness, at Milken Global Conference 2024 with Jim McCann of Worth Media Group.

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Worth @: is an ongoing video series created and produced by Worth Media featuring a series of discussions at key events revolving around diverse topics such as film, music, art, lifestyle, climate innovation, sports, and finance. These events provide Worth the opportunity to showcase conversations with influential leaders, visionaries, creators, and industry giants, exploring the intricate interplay between business, finance, innovation, and societal impact. Our featured guests share valuable insights into the missions and future aspirations inline with our “Worth beyond Wealth” mantra.

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