TECH+Education Event – The Back to School Dilemma

TECH+Education Event – The Back to School Dilemma

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TECH+Education Event – The Back to School Dilemma

We've compiled our favorite moments from the session below. If you wish to check out the full session, see here.

America’s families face wrenching uncertainty, no matter what their local school districts decide. Of course we want our kids back in school, but even if they do, what about the real risks to them and us? Yet if they don’t go, some of them won’t eat, since school breakfasts and lunches are critical for many kids. Staying at home means emotional challenges piled on top of educational ones. And for the 30% of kids without enough at-home connectivity, the problems become a nightmare. Will kids be able to learn this fall?

In partnership with Nestlé Waters North America, we gathered President & CEO of The Ecology School, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Catherine Steiner Adair, and internet sensation and dedicated high school principal, Dr. Quentin Lee to answer these questions and tackle this multi-faceted issue.

If you haven't yet, check out Dr. Quentin Lee's 'Can't Touch This' parody safety video that's been making the headlines:

During the event, we surveyed the audience to get a sense of their understanding and views. Check out the results below.

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