Techonomy Opening

Techonomy Opening

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We think there’s a hole in the dialogue about progress. The role of technology as a tool is underappreciated. We do believe that revolutions are underway. That’s why we call this Revolutions in Progress and we consider ourselves revolutionaries; revolutionaries fighting for a new way of thinking about businesses and organizations and society that is based more around the idea of technology’s power to transform efficiency, equity, and inclusiveness in the world today. Because, in effect, the fastest growing resource we have is computing power and storage. And that’s interesting at this time of overarching pessimism.
There’s a fear now that resources cannot match needs. But those of us who believe in the power of technology and who are technological optimists see plenty of ways that tech can help with our grave challenges, whether they be energy or food, education, healthcare, even climate change. Probably even the problems of Greece if we’re creative enough. We believe that global wealth is certainly going to keep accruing at the macro level. The question is, how can it be distributed and shared more broadly? So, now we’re going to get to work.


David Kirkpatrick

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy

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