Bermuda’s Time in the Sun

Bermuda’s Time in the Sun

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Bermuda’s Time in the Sun

Tracy Berkeley, CEO of the Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA), interviewed by Kristina Ayanian, client experience lead at Nasdaq, explored her career journey and the appeal of vacationing in Bermuda.

Berkeley's career began in insurance, but she found her calling in tourism. Her atypical path led her to become the first female interim and then permanent CEO of the BTA, a role that gives her deep fulfillment. Berkeley emphasized the joy of forming interpersonal connections and linking people to places.

Berkeley stressed the vital economic impact of Bermuda's tourism, the second-largest industry on the island. She debunked several myths surrounding Bermuda, describing it as a welcoming destination just two hours from Manhattan. Despite its small size of twenty-one square miles, the tropical island offers crystal clear waters, serene beaches, and friendly locals.

Berkeley also opened up about the obstacles she faced in reaching her CEO position, particularly as a woman. Despite others discrediting her, her ambitious visions and belief in herself propelled her forward. As CEO, she has exceeded expectations by motivating her team and creating new partnerships in ways the BTA had never seen before.

Under Berkeley's guidance, Bermuda's beauty and hospitality are being showcased to the world, and the island is open for business. Her inspiring story at the Women & Worth Summit not only highlighted Bermuda's appeal but also underscored the power of vision, determination, and inclusive leadership.

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