Valentine’s Day—perhaps more than any other American tradition—has undergone a most profound transformation over the past quarter of a century or so. Growing up in the Midwest in the late ‘70s and ‘80s, I recall this mid-winter holiday as a celebration that was pretty much dedicated to one flavor of love: the romantic kind. If you look at old TV commercials and advertising from the era, back then, Valentine’s Day was about romance and, maybe just an inch below the surface, sex. Even in elementary school, despite the platonic veneer that enabled us to freely trade “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me” heart candies with each other in a rather odd prepubescent polyamorous ritual—one that still continues in some diluted fashion to this day—we always understood that this was a day really targeting adults.

Of course, in talking about the transformation of Valentine’s Day, I am referring to recent changes to the modern, American incarnation of the holiday; the idea of celebrating St. Valentine and love traces much further back. The day itself has Roman roots built upon even older pagan traditions that are in fact quite grisly. (For history buffs, it’s probably no surprise to learn that red, the official color of Valentine’s Day, is a vestige of the tradition’s bloody past which was rife with sacrifices, martyrs and decapitations, but I digress…)


In modern times, at some point in the early 2000s, the February 14 holiday began something of a transfigurement that was spawned by a retail sector eager to up consumer spending after the January post-Christmas lull. Valentine’s Day began spreading Cupid’s wings so to speak, and in doing so gradually became a day replete with an increasingly diverse array of spending options. After all, there is only so much share of wallet to be had for heart-shaped chocolates and bouquets of roses.

Today, Valentine’s Day is still about romance, but not exclusively so; in recent years, it has also come to mark a moment for showing all the people in your life how much you love and care for them. In addition to exhibiting affection for he/she/them with whom you are romantically linked, increasingly, Valentine’s Day is now about expressing love for all those in one’s orbit—work, family, community.

With this in mind, Worth is excited to announce the first ever “Valentine’s Day 2.0: The Ultimate Gift List.” We will be taking you through 27 carefully curated ideas that showcase the many ways in which love can be expressed through the act of gift giving.


How about a provocative thought-starter for the philanthropist who feels his money could be better leveraged for maximum impact? For the esteemed business partner who plays weekend warrior—what about a rugged battery-powered ATV? Or, for the outdoorsman (or outdoorswoman) neighbor—a luxury backpack-cum-survival kit. How about an acre of protected land in Brazil’s endangered rain forest for the conservationist who we play golf with?

From apparel and fragrances to high tech gadgets for foodies and covering all price points, Worth wants to encourage its readers to use their imagination as they think about what to give those they love and cherish most this Valentine’s Day.

 1. The Burnham by Grand Craft

Retail Price: $349,000

From the canals of Venice to the Excelsior Bay on Lake Minnetonka, the Grand Craft Burnham has been the boat the most discerning buyers turn to when looking for luxury, handcrafted watercraft. Photo courtesy of Grand Craft

Years ago, JLo showed her love to Ben Affleck by buying him a luxury Grand Craft wooden boat. Now that the couple is back together, it seems only right that an item fit for Bennifer’s love should make it to the top of this year’s edition of Worth’s Valentine’s Day 2.0 Ultimate Gift List.

For the past 40 years, Grand Craft has been designing and handcrafting luxury mahogany boats for celebrities, wooden-boat aficionados and hobby captains alike. With impeccable attention to the details of old-world craftsmanship that channels the 1920s, Grand Craft boats also boast the most advanced manufacturing processes available for its elite customers. Grand Craft is contemporary functionality pared with technical innovation. For the discerning boat buyer, there is nothing that competes in this size of watercraft, and for the skipper of your life, nothing will say ‘I love you’ more than one of these masterpieces.

At 26-feet-long with an eight-foot beam, the boat has a spacious and luxuriously appointed interior that comfortably seats eight. Powered by an Ilmor 6.2 liter all aluminum 430 horsepower engine with a bow thruster, the Burnham is as easy to handle at full throttle as it is maneuvering around the docks.


Grand Craft is well known among those who frequent the French and Italian Rivieras and has been gaining a foothold in recent years stateside—from celebrities vacationing on Minnesota’s ritzy Lake Minnetonka to members of the triple comma club who are building inland retreats in the Ozarks. The brand has attracted buyers such as Kid Rock, Tim Allen, Robert Redford and more.

 2. An Acre of Protected Rain Forest in Brazil With World Land Trust

Retail Price: £100 ($134)

Protect an acre of land in perpetuity in a Brazilian ecological reserve just outside of Rio de Janeiro. Photo courtesy of Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu

This is an exceptional gift for anyone concerned about the depletion of rain forests, its impact on flora and fauna, and climate change. Thanks to a truly innovative program by UK-based World Land Trust, an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats, this Valentine’s Day, consider gifting an acre of protected rain forest in the Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu (Guapiaçu Ecological Reserve), just a few hours north of Rio de Janeiro. For every £100 donation to the Buy an Acre program, the World Land Trust, via a local Brazilian partner, is able to purchase one acre of habitat and protect it in perpetuity.

3. The Seventy2Pro by Uncharted

Retail Price: $589

Seventy2Pro will keep you and a loved one alive for 72 hours in just about any circumstance imaginable. Photo courtesy of Uncharted Supply Co.

The Seventy2Pro Survival System by Uncharted Supply Co. was designed as a bug out bag for the 21st century to keep two people alive for 72 hours—the length of time it takes for 95 percent of emergency survival situations to be resolved. This survival kit is loaded to the teeth with an impressive stock of supplies, ranging from first-aid, rations, tools, face masks, cold weather gear and so much more. Ideal for the adventurer in your life. Or maybe just a loved one with space in their trunk. Available at Huckberry.

8. Omaha Steaks’ Chef Rose Picks

Retail Price: $170

Omaha Steaks’ surf and turf package will make just about any foodie fall in love. Photo courtesy of Omaha Steaks

Specially curated by Omaha Steaks’ executive chef David Rose, this surf & turf package will hit the spot for a pandemic-responsible home dinner on Valentine’s Day. Rose knows Valentine’s Day is a day to splurge (i.e., no calorie counting). Here is what Chef Rose has whipped up: butcher’s cut filet mignons, split lobster tail skewers, mini lobster grilled cheese, individual scalloped potatoes, creamed spinach, individual chocolate soufflés, seasoned butter sauce and Omaha Steaks seasoning. Throw in a couple of bottles of wine (perhaps from Omaha Steaks’ “Tour de France Wine Gift Set” for pairing), and this Valentine’s Day will be one for the books.

9. The Aicook 24 Qt. Air Fryer Oven

Retail Price: $140

A terrifically versatile Valentine’s gift idea for the health-conscious foodie friend. Photo courtesy of Aicook

For someone who loves all the fried favorites but wants to save on the calories, consider saying “I love you” with a high-tech Aicook Air Fryer. It’s a guiltless way for someone to embrace their inner foodie by cutting up to 85 percent of fat from dishes fried the traditional way. With the simple turn of the dials, users have access to an array of cooking functions perfect for an assortment of meats, veggies and side dishes. The Aicook is extremely versatile; in addition to enjoying its fryer capabilities, the unit doubles as an oven, toaster, roaster—even a pizza grill! Available at

11. The Yummly Meat Thermometer

Retail Price: $130

A Yummly Meat Thermometer might be the perfect gift for the chef in the family. Photo courtesy of Yummly

This Valentine’s Day, gift the chef in your life the secret to a perfectly cooked meal with the Yummly Smart Thermometer. This completely wireless cooking tool works seamlessly with your smartphone—both in and out of the kitchen. It’s ability to handle grilling, roasting, air frying and stovetop cooking for most cuts of steak, fish, lamb, pork and chicken make it the perfect tool for both at-home date nights and weekend getaways. With convenient app-based cooking assistance, timers and alerts, the Yummly will tell you when your food is ready. Worry less about the timing of your meal and relax with loved ones instead—especially with this smart device’s Bluetooth connectivity range up to 150 feet away.

12. Solving The Giving Pledge Bottleneck by Sean Davis

Retail Price: $33

Finally a book for family offices and philanthropists on how to use the principles of private equity to do good in the world. Photo courtesy of Palgrave MacMillan

This book is a must-have for anyone active in and around the world of family offices, large-scale private giving and foundations. Solving the Giving Pledge Bottleneck is a “how-to” guide that will help ultra-high net worth families move toward solving some of our planet’s largest social and climate change challenges. In Solving, author Sean Davis, a retired banker and private equity dealmaker, lays out his vision for a new and innovative approach to deliver high-impact philanthropy by using the tenets of traditional private equity at scale while leveraging private sector investment.

13. The Lovely Reds by Broc Cellars

Retail Price: $90 (three 750 mL bottles)

A lovely trio of vin biologique in the color of Valentine’s Day. Photo courtesy of Broc Cellars

Broc Cellars has made a name for itself by using spontaneous fermentation, a process that utilizes only native yeasts and bacteria that naturally exist on the grapes to make the wine. So, that means Broc wines come sans nutrients, yeast, bacteria, enzymes, tannins or other popular fermentation agents, making it an ideal gift for that special someone who is really into all things naturelle. The Lovely Reds is a veritable ménage à trois compiled with Valentine’s Day in mind. The package deal includes Broc’s 2020 Love Red, 2020 Amore Rosso and the 2020 KouKou, all packed in a Broc star gift box that is designed with hand drawn illustrations by Broc Cellars’ label artist, Marta Elise Johansen.

14. Leyla Carmine Red Velvet Bag by Tijn

Retail Price: $70

A perfect little bag. Photo courtesy of Tijn

Elegant and luxurious, the Leyla is designed with velvet material featuring a pearl handle that also includes a matching gold-link strap that offers a versatile look for every day or a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. It can be worn as a clutch, over the shoulder or as a top handle bag. And it won’t break the bank.

15. Warfield Distillery & Brewery’s 3rd Release Organic Whiskey

Retail Price: $85 (750 mL)

Warfield Distillery & Brewery’s Third Release Organic Whiskey is a refreshing take on an age-old favorite. Photo courtesy of Ray J Gadd

The name is a mouthful, but so is the whiskey.

Warm and rich, yet clean and bright, Warfield’s third release is as perfect for cold, winter nights as it is for flasks shared with friends. The Warfield opens up and matures as you sip, rippling across your palate with soft fruit notes that ripen into dark, sweet hints of chocolate and tobacco. It warms the soul while dazzling the senses. From the mountains of Idaho, Warfield Organic American Whiskey is distilled from organic pale and crystal malts in a Scottish-made pot still and aged in traditional old bourbon barrels. Their whiskey is mashed, fermented and distilled entirely in-house from the best organic malts available in the country.

16. The One in a Million Necklace from Trésor by Tanya

Retail Price: $78

A simple but elegant gold necklace for a ‘One in a Million’ type of person. Photo courtesy of Trésor by Tanya

You probably know someone who is one in a million, so this Valentine’s Day, gift Trésor by Tanya’s elegant One in a Million Necklace to show just how special she is to you. This necklace of a hand is a unique jewelry piece guaranteed to make a statement to a best friend, mother, daughter, sister or even, dare we say, lover? Or treat yourself! The 18-karat gold physical vapor deposition coating will ensure this piece will last forever.

17. Tequila Komos Extra Añejo

Retail Price: $400 (750 mL)

For the agave-phile in your inner circle, a bottle of Komos will hit the spot this Valentine’s Day, as it brings together inspiration from Greek Mediterranean spirits and applies them to the traditional Mexican artisan craft of making agave elixirs. The most opulent of all of Komos’ expressions is its Tequila Komos Extra Añejo, aged for a minimum of three years in a combination of French white wine barrels and American oak whiskey barrels. The richness of American oak is masterfully blended with the refinement of French oak to make the most unique Extra Añejo, with notes of orange peel, candied ginger and toasted pecans. The nose is delicate yet complex, with citrus, toffee and a whiff of smoke unfurling from the glass. The finish is diaphanous and dry, with layer upon layer of complexity revealing itself. It’s truly a tequila fitting for the most discerning imbiber.

18. The Splendor Gown by Franne Golde

Retail Price: $98

Not all Valentine’s Day nightwear has to be sexy; sometimes comfort and elegance will do just as well. Photo courtesy of Franne Golde

After years of trying to find the perfect nightgown, designer Franne Gold gave up and decided to make her own. The Splendor Gown is comfortable and breathable—but also silky soft. Even better: Throw on a duster and your prêt a march—no one will know you’re sporting PJs underneath for your late-night grocery run.

19. The Quilted Cinch Vegan Backpack by Fawn

Retail Price: $119

Affordable vegan style for the urban warrior always on the go. Photo courtesy of Fawn Design

For the woman in your life who loves the look of leather but is into vegan fashion, consider a faux leather backpack from Fawn. The small but roomy backpack has a crafted and quilted feel styles that meshes seamlessly with the puffy faux leather. Fawn Design’s bags are the perfect combination of functionality and high-end fashion at a very reasonable price. Fashion can be sustainable too.

20. Cursed Cowboy Cologne by Outlaw

Retail Price: $70 (3.3 fl oz)

This is one curse you may want to consider putting on a loved one. Photo courtesy of Outlaw

Question: What’s sweet, smoky and a little spicy? If you answered love or bar-b-q, you need to broaden your thinking a bit and include Cursed Cowboy Cologne by Outlaw—an ideal gift for the devilishly cowboy (or cowgirl) in your life.

21. The Hisense 54-Bottle Wine Chiller

Retail Price: $649

A perfect VD gift for the oenophile. Photo courtesy of Hisense

For the wine lover, consider giving this sleek, stainless-steel wine chiller from Hisense this February 14. The modern-looking chiller will cool favorite whites, rosés and dessert wines at the ideal temperature to maximize beverage taste. It has a 54-bottle capacity with six soft close shelves that allow quiet and smooth handling while keeping vibrations to a minimum; it will surely impress any serious oenophile. This Hisense model sports energy efficient low-E and UV protected glass doors that filter out UV rays and protect stored wine from premature aging. Bonus feature: The frost-free design keeps the glass streak-free, ensuring users always have an elegant window for displaying their wine.

22. The ewool PRO+ Heated Vest

Retail Price: $478

Let ewool’s PRO+ Heated Vest keep your loved ones warm and cozy this winter. Photo courtesy of ewool

This battery-powered vest is designed to be the perfect mid-layer to warm anyone up no matter the temperature. It’s the perfect companion for the outdoorsman, skier or pond hockey fan. Or anyone who just likes to feel a bit more cozy when outside in the winter season. The ewool PRO+ Heated Vest delivers up to 51W of warming power in just three seconds, providing up to 12 hours of sustained heat and up to three hours when used at the maximum temperature. It can be worn under anything without feeling bulky, and it was made with the highest-quality fabric and materials to maximize heating performance with a tight fit. Bonus feature: The built-in heating system of the vest is IP67 waterproof-rated, protecting it against dust and water intrusion and meeting stringent safety standards.

23. The Layer “Sex Blanket”

Retail Price: $69

For life’s sexy little messes. Photo courtesy of The Layer

OK, for all our talk of expanding the definition of Valentine’s Day, it’s only fitting that we include at least one super sexy gift. (Actually two—check out #27 as well.) Behold “The Layer”—a thin, soft, absorbent, waterproof and noiseless intimacy blanket that protects beds, furniture, carpeting, the car, boat cabins, sleeping bags, etc., from all imaginable sexy messes. It’s a chic solution to a common problem. Keep one at home and one in the car. Probably not a good idea to bring one to the office…Just sayin’! The Layer is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and durable.

24. The Coway Airmega 250

Retail Price: $399

Keep any room’s air clean with this stylish accoutrement from Coway Airmega. Photo courtesy of Coway Airmega

Looking to gift someone a sleek, modern air filter that doesn’t come across as an intrusion in a room’s décor? Look no further than the Coway Airmega 250—an air purifier model with minimalist design that effortlessly blends into almost any room. The 250 is packed with a multi-stage filtration system, a washable pre-filter, carbon filters and Coway’s Green True HEPA filter that captures and inactivates 99.999 percent of fine dust. Its compact size doesn’t affect its ability to filter air in any room up to 930-square-feet.

25. Link Smart Pet Wearable Device

Retail Price: $149

Sometimes the love of your life walks on all fours. Photo courtesy of Link

For the dog-lover or for your own four-legged bestie, consider taking advantage of the day dedicated to love to pick up The Link, a lightweight, waterproof collar attachment packed with advanced technology helping you stay connected to your pet 24/7/365. The Link features include always-on GPS tracking, activity monitoring, stats and analysis, tone and vibration training tools, and vet records. It’s the device that will give pet owners peace of mind.

26. The Chatelet Air Soft Tote by Delsey Paris

Retail Price: $100

The Chatelet Air Soft is elegant but as rugged as they come. Photo courtesy of Delsey Paris

This elegant pink shoulder tote from Delsey Paris is the ideal go-to for everyday use and handy for weekend escape artists. Perfect for the person in your life who is always on the go, come rain or shine—especially because the main fabric is water-repellent. Bonus feature: Tiny bottom cleats feet help protect against wear and tear.

27. HighOnLove Chocolate Body Paint

Retail Price: $35 (100 mL)

Sexy, tasty, chocolate body paint. Photo courtesy of HighOnLove

Finally, in true Valentine’s Day fashion, we cannot overlook what might be the most decadent gift idea on the list for the right gift giver (and receiver). Designed as an aphrodisiac, this luscious and rich dark chocolate is made with premium-grade hemp seed oil, giving couples a satisfying taste for more. The effects of the chocolate body paint take intimacy to a whole other level by releasing euphoric sensations and pure delight.