The glue for an inclusive, healthy and responsive democracy — like a healthy relationship — is trust. Democracy requires trust in the political apparatus — such as Congress — as well as trust between its people. The state of trust in our country, however, is a pit of brokenness. According to the Pew Research Center, 35% of Americans are “low-trusters” who believe that people cannot be trusted and only look at their own self-interest. Interestingly, among this group of Americans, 40% believe we are overreacting to the COVID-19 crisis.

Trust not only impacts what we believe and how we engage with each other, but also our ability to weather and address crises effectively. Democracy entrepreneurs are building innovative models to repair or dismantle the broken systems in our democracy to create an inclusive, healthy, and responsive democracy grounded in trust.


Featuring: Sarah Audelo, Executive Director, Alliance for Youth Organizing, Yordanos Eyoel, Partner, New Profit, Vanessa Tucker, Program Officer, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, Tristan Wilkerson, Managing Principal, Think Rubix, LLC and Layla Zaidane, Executive Director & COO, Millennial Action Project