Flight from American downtowns has more than doubled since the onset of the pandemic. While crime, homelessness and environmentalism constitute several reasons for this trend, the story is more complex. Moving forward, how we work, play, produce and exchange ideas will reflect the disjuncture caused by COVID. Cities that embrace innovation and change will thrive, while ones that ignore this inflection point and simply return to “normal” will see destructive trends continue. Given the current anti-urban movement, how can we leverage COVID’s lessons to create new opportunities and jumpstart a more sustainable and equitable urban future? Where are the critical pockets for new investment and partnerships in this post-pandemic moment?

Panelists: Josh Sirefman, Senior Advisor and Cofounder at Sidewalk Labs

Moderator: Emily Cegielski, Editorial Director, Worth


In case you missed the last Worth Live, you can watch the highlight of the latest session below: