Cory Booker at TechonomySenator Cory Booker joined us for the Techonomy Policy event to discuss how a technologizing society can allow us to create jobs, foster new companies and industries, and drive the economy forward for all. From transportation infrastructure to the cure for cancer, Booker shared his thoughts on how America can get back on track as the global leader in innovation and prosperity.
“We raced to the moon and led humanity away from the bounds of this planet and incredible technology and industry sprang from that space race…We have the capacity to continue to lead with human breakthroughs in every field of endeavor, but we don’t have that sense of national urgency to stay ahead…”

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Andrew Yang at TechonomyAndrew Yang, a longtime entrepreneur, technologist and founder of Venture for America, spoke at Techonomy NYC last year. He’s an unconventional presidential candidate who wants basic income for all and spoke convincingly about why giving every American $1,000 a month is the best solution to the challenges we face.
“We are experiencing the greatest technological and economic shift in human history. We need a way to help millions of Americans transition through this period and a universal basic income is the best and most efficient way to do that…
Under my plan, every American adult will receive $1,000 a month free and clear paid for by a new tax on the companies that are benefitting most from automation. If we provide a universal basic income, Americans will be able to go back to school, move for a new opportunity, start their own business, and really have their head up as the plan for the future.”

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