A watch collection can quickly gain value as it grows, with some aficionados’ horological treasures running into the millions of dollars. Add to this the fact that timepieces are high on the list of objects thieves seek out during a home robbery, and you realize that keeping a watch collection safe has never been more important.

Years ago, collectors would either keep their watches in a safety deposit box at the bank or a safe hidden in the wall, but a new generation of security devices designed specifically for watches are now being given pride of place in watch connoisseurs’ homes. From elegant safes for the mantlepiece to walk-in watch wardrobes, these safes will make you want to start collecting watches.



Buben&Zorweg’s Magnum

Based near Stuttgart in Germany, Buben&Zorweg has an extensive selection of futuristic-looking watch safes that don’t often look like safes at all. The company is an expert in disguising safes as objects of art, incorporating secret compartments with invisible opening mechanisms to wow its clients and fox any thieves. All of the brand’s safes use state-of-the-art German security technology and carry the VdS certification that tests against the use of impact and power tools as well as welding torches.

For beginners to the world of watch collecting, Buben&Zorweg’s Illusion is a discrete object made of the finest Italian Nappa leather. It opens using a locking system with a biometric fingerprint or a transponder key. Once activated, the trays are automatically elevated and fan open to reveal the owners’ timepieces within. It also features an integrated alarm system, making it the perfect safe for a private residence or an office.

For the serious collector, Buben&Zorweg has a number of larger safes, such as the Magnum, a security system for the proud watch owner who wants to see his/her watches on display. The Magnum features solid doors that disappear almost completely inside the safe to reveal a choice of 16, 32 or 48 Time Mover® automatic watch winders and a series of drawers, all illuminated with an integrated LED lighting system.



Brown Safe

The interior of Brown Safe’s Chronos safe

Brown Safe, based in the U.S., has been making safes and vaults for the government, military and private sector for over 40 years. Its Chronos line is dedicated to the safekeeping of timepieces and is the only watch safe constructed with military-grade ballistic armor. The Chronos also incorporates a host of innovative security technology, such as biometric fingerprint recognition, GPS anti-theft systems and a multi-sensor alarm with home automation incorporation.

“Security is the number one feature required by our clients whose watch collections include some of the rarest horology masterpieces. The value of these watch aficionados’ collections can be in the multi-millions and even contain priceless pieces,” shares Lynel Brown, vice president of Brown Safe.

Each Chronos is a bespoke creation, custom-built around each client’s collection. There are a host of options for different materials and finishes, so each client can create the safe of his or her dreams.

Starting at $63,750; brownsafe.com


Döttling’s Fortress safe

Döttling has been making locks and safes for over 100 years at its manufacture in Sindelfingen, Germany. The company builds elaborate safes of all sizes using the finest materials. The most secure safe in its range is the Fortress, which is VdS/EN 5 certified, and features a burglar alarm with a silent alarm function. It also includes eight watch winders that can be set using specially designed software, a humidor made of Spanish cedar, an electronic humidifying system, a hygrometer and a barometer. It is also handsomely upholstered with the finest calfskin.

Other areas of expertise proposed by Döttling are its bespoke service for restoring antique safes and its room concept service that can transform any room into a secure place for a client’s most treasured objects.

Starting at $125,000; doettling.com

Wolf 1834

Wolf is perhaps best known for its high-tech watch winders that are modular and can grow with a client’s collection, but the company also creates elegant bespoke safes for seasoned watch collectors. The 1834 Churchill is at the top of the Wolf 1834 line and is connected to a Bluetooth user-controlled app that controls the winders either individually or collectively. The safe is forged in steel and comes with nine bi-directional steel bolts, as well as secure electronic Sargent and Greenleaf keypads. It is decorated using top grain leather and rare exquisite woods.

“You buy a Churchill because you love the way it looks, love the security that it affords and you know it can keep all your watches wound,” shares Wolf 1834 founder Simon Wolf. “It is a statement of luxury and status, and it embodies what you place inside.”

Starting at $95,995; wolf1834.com