According to Grand View Research, the menopause market hit $15.4 billion in 2021 and will continue on its growth path into the next decade. 

Did you know that millions worldwide experience menopause yearly? Despite this, there’s been very little discussion surrounding it, as it has been seen as a “taboo” subject. However, more venture capitalists (VCs) are considering investing in startups that serve this demographic. 

Menopause: Poorly Discussed and Often Misunderstood

Before diving into the increasing number of investments VCs make in this market, it’s important for you to understand where society stands on menopause. You may be surprised to learn that women are often wildly unprepared for what comes with this inevitable physical change. 


The condition is not often discussed, and there’s a lot of misunderstanding regarding menopause, how it affects women, and why there’s high demand for health products in the space.

Some women have trouble bringing up questions about menopause with their doctors, and physicians might not receive proper training on how to treat patients experiencing menopause. However, people going through menopause can suffer from a long list of 34 symptoms

As a VC, it’s important you know how much opportunity there is to fund this market and help companies meet the needs of menopausal people.

Why Is the Menopause Market Important?

Menopause is a complex area. However, it’s essential for women and people experiencing it to understand that innovative products and services can help them manage their symptoms. 

Now is an important time to start investing in women’s health care, considering how the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately impacted women, especially those of color. If you’re looking for a new sector to invest in, consider the menopause market.

Experiencing this significant life change without added support can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, and women may develop mental health conditions like depression

More Investments Benefit People Going Through Menopause

In the coming year, more VCs must consider investing in the menopause market. According to a 2021 CrunchBase article, the space represents a $600 billion spending opportunity. A growing number of startups are opening, which makes it even easier for VCs to allocate funds to support their missions.

For example, Northwell Holdings and Aegis Ventures announced that they would launch a virtual care services company to support menopausal patients. The startup is called Upliv and will offer telemedicine services to address perimenopause and menopause symptoms for users. 

Another startup, Evernow, raised $28.5 million in Series A funding to help launch programs for menopause treatments and 24/7 medical support.

Joanna Strober founded Midi Health in Menlo Park, California, a virtual healthcare practice to help women find the right treatments for their menopause. It’s expected that Midi Health will expand nationwide, considering the startup secured $14 million in funding.

Ultimately, the investments made in the menopause space speak volumes about top priorities for VCs. Historically, investors are hesitant to make significant or recurring investments in the menopause space. Now, there’s an opportunity to innovate a sector in dire need of a facelift.


Heightened Focus on Women’s Health

It’s challenging to speak about women’s health in today’s polarized political environment, especially after the overturning of Roe v. Wade last year. It’s often placed on the back burner. 

As more VCs invest in femtech startups, you might see a shift in how society and large-scale health corporations care for women. This shift will hopefully lead to:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • More education surrounding perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause
  • Better, more effective products to treat symptoms
  • Menstrual or menopausal leave for employees
  • Less stigma around menopause

Of course, more investment in any sector sparks changes. It’s up to the startups receiving funding from VCs to use the funds appropriately.

Funding the Menopause Market to Revamp Women’s Health Care

At some point in their lives, more than half the population will experience menopause and postmenopause. Women who experience menopause must have access to the support they need to manage symptoms, overcome physical changes, and focus on their mental and physical well-being. 

Without VC funding, the menopause market would not be where it is today. However, more investments are needed to break through some of the barriers it’s currently facing. 

If you’re a professional with capital, consider exploring potential investments in the menopause market. It could be a great opportunity to show how you support this demographic. It’ll be interesting to see how VC investments impact the menopause business and society in the coming years.