Don Julio Real

This extra añejo is made from blue agave that is seven to 10 years old; then the liquid is aged for three to five years in American white-oak barrels. The result is a subtle vanilla taste with hints of almond.

Cost: $350

Avión Reserva 44

Aged for 44 months, this limited-edition, hand-bottled tequila has a cognac-like quality. You don’t want to mix this one—sip it straight up on a summer day.


Cost: $150

Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Añejo

After triple distillation, this tequila is aged for three years in French white-oak barrels. It’s a nuanced blend of sweet and oaky, with hints of vanilla, chocolate, caramel and tobacco.

Cost: $100

Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años

The risk with aging tequila is that, if it’s done too long, it can eliminate the flavor of the agave. That’s why it’s easy to appreciate the remarkable, fruity, caramel flavor Patrón achieved with this smooth sipping tequila aged in oak barrels for seven years.

Cost: $295
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