Evolution of an Art Form

The Eletta automatic espresso machine and cappuccino maker from De’Longhi unites over a century of artistry and innovation to create the ultimate coffee experience.

How does one make the perfect espresso? It’s not easy to strike a perfect balance of taste, texture and temperature in this drink that can be more complex than wine. Applying the wrong water-to-coffee ratio may result in a weak, watery brew; use excessive heat, and it may be bitter. Preparing espresso is an intricate craft that, with the advent of specialized machines and coffee houses, gave rise to skilled baristas and their tradition of brewing excellence and innovation. But with progress, some traditions can come home to you.

Treviso, Italy–based De’Longhi, founded in 1902, has spent decades refining the mechanics of coffee making and has released one of its top-selling products: the Eletta, an automatic espresso and cappuccino machine that grinds fresh beans and produces indisputably perfect beverages. Beneath the Eletta’s stylish and elegant, compact exterior lies the finesse of a barista and the advanced technology to make the art of espresso simple.

Powerful Simplicity

Whether you’re starting your day with a creamy macchiato or ending dinner with bold espresso, the Eletta lets you enjoy the moment at home without complications. One touch is all it takes for the Eletta to produce drinks with complex flavors, from bean to cup. Because coffee is highly sensitive to oxygen, its peak of flavor is when freshly ground, which is why the Eletta features a stainless-steel conical burr grinder—a design that preserves the beans’ full aroma and flavor by reducing heat friction. But with 13 grind settings, you retain control over the strength and taste of your brew with the touch of a button.

Advanced Craftsmanship

The contemporary touchpoints of the Eletta’s intuitive brushed-steel interface—a sleek contrast to its dark, glossy exterior—underpin the sophisticated machinery they control. The patented LatteCrema System lets you design the ultimate cappuccino or latte in just one touch, with dense, rich foam in every cup. It includes an integrated milk carafe that produces steamed milk for a latte and frothed milk for a cappuccino or macchiato, and it’s detachable, allowing it to be placed in the refrigerator between uses. Eletta also features a unique Milk Menu with access to additional milk-based drink recipes on its highly visual sensor touch display. And because De’Longhi owns its Treviso factory, every machine is hand-built by generations of skilled craftsmen and undergoes rigorous testing before reaching store shelves.

Performance Excellence

Eletta is virtually maintenance free—an enviable, time-saving advantage. Automatic rinse cycles clean the espresso and milk circuits, while the removable brewing unit, coffee tray and water tank are easily rinsed with water. With each use, the Eletta is ready to create the next extraordinary brew—a 21st-century solution for a timeless luxury.

Eletta ECAM45760B, $1,995, delonghi.com/en-us

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