As we move into a post-pandemic world, the importance of safety and security is at the top of most people’s minds. Providing peace of mind to people on these matters are Dale Buckner, CEO of Global Guardian, Ashley M. Hunter, managing director at HM Risk Group LLC, Dale Brooks, director at Hawque Protection Group, and Kathleen Entwistle, private wealth advisor at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, who joined us for last week’s session of The Next Normal on how to protect yourself, your family and your assets in the rapidly evolving risk environment. Their work revolves around helping provide people with security, insurance and as such, assurance. The idea of security and safety has changed forever, with risk surging when it comes to our finances, identity and physical safety.

“These are real life issues and questions. People are worried,” Entwistle said. “There’s all these different risks that have to be considered.”


Living in such unruly times, many are looking for ways to ensure their safety and security both in the real world and online. The global market for private security services is now worth an estimated $180 billion, and studies have shown that 68 percent of business leaders think their cybersecurity risks are only getting greater. Entwistle asserted that people are more likely to be agitated by things that wouldn’t have bothered them as much before because everything is changing so quickly and causing many of us to live beyond what we’re comfortable with. And as such, not only have our actual risks heightened, but so has our distrust of other people and systems. To learn more about risk management and the steps you can take to lessen your risk and up your security, watch the full session below.