Lindsay Shookus and Kristin O’Keeffe Merrick became best friends in college, before Shookus was an Emmy Award-winning producer on Saturday Night Live and O’Keeffe Merrick was a currency trader on Wall Street, who then went on to become a financial advisor for her family-run firm O’Keeffe Financial Partners. The über successful best friends are now paying it forward through Women Working F*cking Hard, a platform that organizes fun networking events to connect “women helping women help women,” as they put it on their website.

“When we created Women Work F*cking Hard, the idea wasn’t like, ‘This is anti-man,’ like we’re pushing men down to push women up,” Shookus said.


“Linds and I have kind of put our heads together and tried to make a more concerted effort to focus on helping female founders and female entrepreneurs who feel like they either need a network or a community or they need resources,” O’Keeffe Merrick said.

Shookus and O’Keeffe Merrick spoke at our Women and Worth Summit back in March, where they discussed the power of female friendship. See what they had to say when Worth sat down to chat with them at the summit.