I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has been a wild ride that we’re all eager to exit. As we close out this tumultuous year, I believe we all deserve to splurge a little on ourselves and our loved ones this holiday season. Below, I’ve compiled a list of gifts that are not only perfect for your hard-to-shop-for friends and family, but may also pique your own interest. It’s been a rough one, and retail therapy—no matter who you’re shopping for—is always a nice way to take your mind off the onslaught of depressing news.

Aura Smith Collection Digital Frame, $399

Aura smart frame
Photo courtesy of Aura

If you’ve been away from family during the pandemic, this may be the perfect gift to give. The finely detailed, luxe stainless steel frame is gorgeous enough to give as a gift on its own, but the technology behind it is nothing short of amazing. With an easy touchbar control and unlimited photo storage, Aura’s frame utilizes a free smartphone app to connect and share photos, meaning you or anyone in your family can add photos ahead of gifting from anywhere in the world. The perfect gift for the person who misses you the most.


Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set, $198

Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set
Photo courtesy of Lunya

These pajamas may seem pricey, but trust me, they’re worth it—especially if you’re gifting them to someone who’s now working from home. First of all, both the top and bottoms have a pocket; the machine washable silk is thermoregulating, meaning it helps maintain a comfy body temperature; and the oversized fit with clean lines makes you feel comfortable and sexy at the same time. The perfect gift for someone who refuses to turn their video on during Zoom calls.

Chenille Magic Weighted Blanket, $190

Chenille Magic Weighted Blanket
Photo courtesy of Magic Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are hot this year, but this Chenille Magic Weighted Blanket stands out as one of the softest and (at least in my experience) most anxiety reducing ones available. I was gifted the 12-pound version and have found that its the perfect weight to ease my mind at the end of a tough day and slip into sleep. The perfect gift for the person who needs to relax.

The Fiona Orchid with Glitter Christmas Pick, $69.99

Just Add Ice Orchids
Photo courtesy of Just Add Ice Orchids

My track record with plants has been less than ideal, and taking care of an orchid sounded like a massive undertaking. Thankfully for me (and you), there’s Just Add Ice Orchids. Claiming that I would only need to give the flower some ice cubes once a week, I was doubtful that my plant would thrive, but it did—and still is! Give the gift of exotic beauty without any green thumb necessary. The perfect gift for the person who needs to add some life to their apartment.


UGG Ascot Leather Slippers, $120

Ugg Ascot Leather Slippers
Photo courtesy of UGG

OK, these are a winner for any hard-to-shop-for man in your life. Trust me. These slippers feel like clouds on your feet and look respectable enough to wear outside to grab the morning paper. You may not think your favorite fellow is a slippers guy, but these will turn him into one. (Pro tip: If the man you’re gifting these to is already familiar with women’s UGG boots, don’t mention the brand until after he’s tried on these.) The perfect gift for someone who doesn’t realize what their feet have been missing out on.

OnePlus 8, $599

OnePlus 8
Photo courtesy of OnePlus

The new iPhone may be all the rage, but for any Android lovers out there, this may be the new phone for you. While many smartphones provide information on screen time, OnePlus is the only brand to offer an actionable feature that addresses concerns about creating balance between our physical and digital lives with its Zen Mode feature, which allows you to maintain digital wellness by temporarily shutting down your phone so you can unwind, spend time with friends and family and be fully present without digital distractions. The perfect gift for the person who’s legitimately tired of looking at screens.

Diptyque Baies/Berries Candle, $185

Diptyque Baies/Berries Candle
Photo courtesy of Diptyque

There’s nothing like gifting a luxury candle with gorgeous packaging and glorious scents—and Diptyque is the quintessential purveyor of said candles. This Bais scented candle has three wicks, a handmade black porcelain container and the irresistible freshness of a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves. The perfect gift for literally everyone who’s not allergic to perfume.

Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus, $275

Paravel Aviator Carry-On Plus
Photo courtesy of Paravel

Just the look of this fabulous carry-on suitcase from Paravel is enough to make me want to buy it, but it’s not only gorgeously designed, it’s also one of the most sustainable pieces of luggage ever created. With a durable recycled polycarbonate exterior; recycled zippers; a lining made from 15 upcycled plastic water bottles; vegan leather details and wrapped steel handles; and an aircraft-grade recycled aluminum handle, this carbon-neutral suitcase is not only stylish but good for the planet. The perfect gift for the person who’s already made travel plans for 2021.

Felix Gray Nash Frames, $95

Felix Gray Nash Frames
Photo courtesy of Felix Gray

With so many of us working from home and our computer screens taking over our lives, it’s important to remember that the blue light from our screens can take a toll on our eyes. I’ve tried three or four pairs of different blue light glasses over the past year, and Felix Grey has some of the best ones, hands down. The lenses keep screen-induced headaches away, while these particular frames are flattering on nearly every face shape. The perfect gift for the person who’s always glued to a screen.