In this the year 2 A.C. (which means “After COVID”—I just made that up; hit me on Twitter if you think it has staying power), global warming has seemingly kept winter at bay for large swaths of the country; however, although it might not look like it as you gaze out the window and can still see the green of your lawn, yes, the holidays—that annual pilgrimage to the altar of Big Retail—is upon us once again.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the realization that we are only days away from Christmas or that we may have missed Hanukkah altogether comes with a hefty dose of weltschmerz. What to get that special someone with highly refined tastes and a nose for the novel and worldly? But no need to worry—Worth has curated a list of refined, elegant, audacious or otherwise interesting gift ideas for just about every consumer-type out there. This year, some of the biggest trends are in sustainable products, renewable and clean forms of mobility and all forms of gadgetry that make our newly adopted mid-pandemic modus vivendi more manageable.


Worth has reviewed hundreds of items from just about as many purveyors and narrowed down our list to a (relatively) compact suite of 67 suggestions that range from travel accessories and the latest in eco-friendly apparel to a few items that mark the absolute apex of hedonism. These items do not represent any type of ranking per se. An electric scooter, a Steinway grand piano and a high-end whiskey can all be enjoyed by the same person—just preferably not at the same time.

With that in mind, let’s get to Worth’s list of 67 last-minute exquisite gift ideas for the holidays, year 2 A.C.

1. The Kravitz Grand Limited Edition by Steinway & Sons

Retail Price: $500,000

Steinway Kravitz Grand
The ultimate gift for the pianist in the family—a Kravitz Grand designed by the legend himself. Photo courtesy of Steinway

If you are willing to part ways with a half a million dollars to give the gift of a lifetime to the pianist in your life who exudes equal parts extravagance and cool, the Kravitz Grand will perfectly fit the bill.

For 167 years, the Astoria, Queens-based Steinway & Sons has been meticulously handcrafting high-end pianos—many of which can take many months or even years to produce. Unlike its stodgier European competitors, such as Vienna-based Bösendorfer, with each year that passes, Steinway consistently finds new ways to shake up the classical category by introducing its brand to a wider audience through its line of Steinway Limited Edition pianos. Past limited edition Steinway collaborations have seen tie-ups with an array of bold-faced names from across the artistic world such as Lang Lang, Dakota Jackson, Karl Lagerfeld and Dale Chihuly. As the name implies, these unique instruments have a very limited run; in the case of the Kravitz Grand, only 10 will be produced and seven are accounted for—so move fast if you are interested!


The Kravitz Grand, designed in collaboration with music and recording-industry icon Lenny Kravitz and his Kravitz Design team, dissected every aspect of a traditional Steinway Model B, creating a completely new look that is unlike anything Steinway has ever produced. The Kravitz Grand is inspired by the African themes utilized in paintings, sculpture and fabric design from the Paris art scene of the 1920s. The piano is comprised of 15 layers of hard rock maple and rare Macassar ebony personally selected by Lenny Kravitz for the exterior. Its presence will instantly become the centerpiece of any home conservatory or great room.

2. The Meltdown Spherical Ice Press

Retail Price: $1,495

Upgrade your old fashioned this holiday season with a Meltdown Ice Press—it’s the ultimate exclusive, luxury bar tool for that libation-lover in your inner circle. By creating perfectly shaped ice spheres in under one minute with its premium patent design, it’s a surefire vector for impressing fellow imbibers with restaurant-quality craft cocktails at home. At 99.8 percent solid copper, the ice begins melting as soon as it makes contact with the press.

Although it comes with a hefty price tag, the expense is well worth it; each Meltdown comes with an iconic design that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘trickledown economics.” The cover’s cylindrical grooves visibly guide the meltwater down its sides. Watching ice melt has never been so entertaining. Even Mr. Hollywood himself, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is in love with the Meltdown, gushing about it on Instagram.

3. The Dalmore 15

Retail Price: $120 (750 mL)

Dalmore 15 whisky
The perfect complement to a Meltdown (see above.) Photo courtesy of The Dalmore

For the classic whisky connoisseur, it’s hard to beat the Dalmore 15, a 15-year-old aged whisky designed to delight just about anyone who has a palate for the finer things in life. The spirit is initially matured in American white oak bourbon casks, which infuses the elixir with a quartet of vanilla, honey, apple and caramel notes. It is then finished in sherry casks, which add another level of complexity, rendering The Dalmore 15 a rich and well-rounded flavor with a smooth finish.Deployed in a stunning bottle, this whisky will make a statement on the shelf of any home bar.

4. The Ergatta Rower

Retail Price: $2,199

Ergatta Rower
Made for all body types and fitness levels, the Ergatta gamifies the rowing experience by creating live competitions and offering a constantly expanding library of courses. Game on! Photo courtesy of Ergatta

At first glance, it looks like it was designed by Scandinavian engineers; its chic minimalist appearance and easy upright storage capabilities enable the Ergatta Rower to blend in effortlessly in just about any living space without causing an eyesore—a key selling point for tight living space in places like New York City. Even for those of us fortunate enough to have ample square footage, the Ergatta can hold its own among the best rowers on the market. Its large 17-inch high-definition touchscreen immerses users into the experience, and before you know it, your high-intensity workout is over. Ideal for anyone looking for an easy way to get a workout—especially those who are not inclined to traditional group fitness.

5. The Thinkware X1000 Front + Rear Dashcam Bundle

Retail Price: $229

Dashcams have become de rigueur when it comes to aftermarket automotive accessories, and there is none better than the Thinkware X1000 front and rear camera bundle with Super Night Vision 3.0. Unless you, or whoever you are gifting this unit to, is particularly handy, we recommend the unit be professionally installed by Best Buy or any other professional automotive electronics installer. Either way, once the unit is ready to go, users will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with always-on flawless front and rear 2K QHD footage and parking surveillance.

6. The 2022 INOKIM OXO Electric Scooter

Retail Price: $2,900

last-minute gifts: e-scooter
The perfect mobility tool for people on the go. Photo courtesy of Inokim

The OXO is a true workhorse (or ox) for the rider who wants long range, superior ride quality, intuitive handling and phenomenal design. With pneumatic tires and adjustable suspension, it is perfectly equipped for longer inner city commutes as well as urban and off-road adventures. The motor is surprisingly silent, fun to ride and maxes out at a top cruising speed of 28 mph. With a range of 68 miles, almost no city destination is out of reach. The roomy deck enables any number of comfortable foot stances. Best bonus feature: The OXO folds in five seconds for transport or to carry in one hand, although it’s not exactly light weight. Available at

7. NordicTrack Commercial X32i Treadmill

Retail Price: $3,999

Simply put, it is impossible to find a better treadmill on the market than the NordicTrack x32i.

The 32-inch interactive HD touchscreen is completely immersive, enabling you to feel as if you are touring the world one workout at a time. From casual jogs on the beaches of St. Lucia to dodging on-coming traffic in Hanoi to a casual stroll through the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, NordicTrack’s expert trainers keep you moving with a mix of training tips, physiology, local touristy history and personal anecdotes. Its only time before government-funded tourism boards begin pitching NordicTrack to send their film crews and trainers to their locations. (Case in point: After recently completing a virtual walking tour series of Reykjavík, Iceland, I suddenly had an urge to go there.)

Perhaps the best set of features are the intelligent sensors that match the incline and decline of the workout to the terrain you are traversing on the screen—adding to that deep, immersive feel. Once you have been on the X32i for a few workouts, its $4,000 price tag seems like a bargain. A great gift for just about anyone.

8. Gull Lake Boat Works Custom Canoe

Retail Price: Starting at $3,891

Last-Minute Gifts: Canoe
Gull Lake’s bespoke handcrafted canoes are the perfect marriage of function and beauty. Photo courtesy of Gull Lake Boat Works

Summer is still a good six months away, but that means it’s exactly the right time to begin designing a custom canoe by Canada-based Gull Lake Boat Works. The company is known the world over for its custom-built wooden canoes, kayaks and refurbishing wooden runabouts for discerning enthusiasts. The company is also known for combining traditional designs, modern methods, and a meticulous attention to detail. Their bespoke handcrafted canoes unify function and beauty.

The traditional canoe design process starts with their signature canoe Kilcoo-Minto 15’7” model, although for those who have no budget in mind, the sky is the limit; Gull Lake Boat Works partners with each customer to build from a custom selection of designs, hardware, decals, trims and paint to build a completely unique boat equal to the individual’s passion for the outdoors.

9. The Tula Mic

Retail Price: $229

Last-Minute Gifts: Tula Speaker
A throwback look with futuristic sound. Photo courtesy of Tula

Perfect for the audiophile on Santa’s list, the Tula Mic will be a success this holiday season.

Despite its vintage look, the Tula Mic captures crisp audio and is a great accessory to complement any home desk. The Tula Mic is the first fully portable USB mic that doubles as a mobile recorder and has advanced, embedded noise reduction technology. It’s tailor-made to provide content creators and work-from-home professionals with studio-quality audio. The Tula Mic is available in an array of with-it color schemes: cream, red, black and seafoam. Tula is compatible with Mac/PC/iOS/Android.

10. The Merry & Bright(er) Skin Set by Neora

Retail Price: $244

Last-Minute Gifts: Neora Skincare Set
Turn back Father Time. Photo courtesy of Neora

New Year’s isn’t that far away, and when the ball drops in Times Square, we will all be reminded of our own impermanence. But let’s make the most of it while we are here, and there is one gift idea from Neora that is sure to help you turn back the years: the Merry & Bright(er) Skin Set.

Unwrap your brightest, most radiant skin with this three-step skincare bundle. The gift set includes Neora’s Age IQ Double-Cleansing Face Wash, IllumaBoost Vitamin C Serum, Age IQ Night Cream, and a Dual-Cleansing Facial Brush.

11. The Alter Ego Stealth Titanium iPhone 13 Pro Case by GRAY

Retail Price: $2,299

Last-Minute Gifts: iPhone Case
Here’s a likely first: an iPhone case that costs more than an iPhone. Photo courtesy of GRAY

With sales of the iPhone 13 smashing records, Apple aficionados are on the hunt for the hottest accessories to match. Now, luxury tech accessories brand GRAY has launched its Alter Ego Stealth Titanium iPhone 13 Pro Case that costs more than a fully tricked out iPhone 13 Pro Max itself. The luxurious case is machined from a solid block of aerospace-grade titanium by the company’s master craftsmen, a process that takes up to 12 hours per unit. And that’s probably why the company is only making 1,000 units. The Alter Ego is available for the iPhone 13, Pro and Pro Max.

12. The SUNFLOW Beach Chair Bundle

Retail Price: $296

Last-Minute Gifts: SUNFLOW Chair
For those traveling south this winter. Photo courtesy of SUNFLOW

The SUNFLOW Beach Bundle is a stellar gift option for the beach lovers on your shopping list. The lounge chair—compact, comfortable, easy-to-carry (with backpack straps)—is the perfect seat on the beach with its four reclining positions. It is engineered for wear and tear with rust-resistant aluminum and is available in a variety of color and pattern options. The bundle includes sunshade, a drink holder accessory (a must), a dry bag and beach towel

13. The Vera Bradley Weekender Travel Bag in Ribbons Plaid

Retail Price: $130

Last-Minute Gifts: Vera Bradley Bag
Weekend in style. Photo courtesy of Vera Bradley

If car trips and airport terminals are on your recipients’ agendas this holiday season, they will surely appreciate this elegant weekender bag from Vera Bradley. It’s carry-on compliant and full of organizational features that keep all of one’s essentials in check. Vera Bradley is calling this peppy design “Ribbons Plaid,” and it is sure to spread some holiday cheer.

14. Copalli Cacao Rum

Retail Price: $41.99 (750 mL)

Last-Minute Gifts: Copalli Rum
Bring a little Central American flavor to your gift giving. Photo courtesy of Copal Tree Distillery

The simplicity of Copalli Rum is a thing of Belizean beauty. Made from four simple ingredients—heirloom sugar cane grown on the organic farm, rainwater, yeast and organic cacao nibs—Copalli is nothing less than sustainability in a bottle. The Copal Tree Distillery was designed and built to be carbon neutral, and the production system is closed—releasing no waste back into the environment. The sugar cane is harvested by hand and juiced within two hours, while left over sugar cane fiber is dried and used as fuel to heat the stills. Leftover ash is returned to the field as fertilizer. Profits from sales are returned to the community in the form of education grants and infrastructure support. Feel good in more ways than one while imbibing this holiday season.

15. Joe’s Raw Bar for 8 by Citarella

Retail Price: $649

Last-Minute Gifts: Raw Bar
A seafood extravaganza. Photo courtesy of Citarella

Beloved gourmet market and seafood specialist Citarella is offering a range of seafood boxes for national delivery shipped fresh overnight. Worth recommends Joe’s Raw Bar for eight that offers a deep-sea symphony of flavors—salty, sweet and just a little bit bright. It includes everything you need—including caviar—to build a home raw bar tower to remember. Citarella will help you usher in the holidays and the New Year by enjoy every moment with family, friends and special guests. It’s the ultimate gift for the gourmand.

16. Bespoken Rye Whisky

Retail Price: $34.99 (375 mL)

Last-Minute Gifts: Bespoken Spirits
An affordable stocking stuffer. Photo courtesy of Bespoken

Bespoken Spirits uses craft maturation to precisely tailor a spirit’s aroma, color and taste in a matter of days (not years). The result is an affordable spirit that uses less than 3 percent of the wood and less than 1 percent of the energy required by more traditional methods. Not convinced? Well, we can assure you that despite its speedy maturation process, it still tastes great.

Backed by baseball great Derek Jeter, Bespoken Spirits has won numerous awards at blind tasting contests. The rye whiskey has rich notes of caramel, vanilla and spice on the nose with supporting nuances of caraway, celery and a mild smokiness. The palate features the key components of charred American oak, with a rounded sweetness and a peppery finish. Consider this as an affordable stocking stuffer for those on your shopping list over 21.

17. The BKLYN Bento Box

Retail Price: $28.92

Last-Minute Gifts: bento box
Who doesn’t love Brooklyn? Who doesn’t love bento boxes? Photo courtesy of BKLYN Bento

Who doesn’t love a good bento box? And we get it, you’re a grown-up now, and some foods were simply not meant to mingle. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if it was cool-looking, right? Whoever you gift this to will certainly appreciate that these sleek bento boxes keep all your food tasty and separate in a three-tier, 100 percent stainless steel lunch box that is 20 percent larger than most bento boxes out there. But don’t worry, it isn’t so huge as to overwhelm.

The BKLYN Bento Box is made from FDA food-grade material. But don’t let its good looks fool you. This bento box is tough—it’s from Brooklyn, after all! Bonus feature: It’s dishwasher friendly and cleans easily with soap and water as well.

18. The Yale Smart Delivery Box

Retail Price: $279.99

Last-Minute Gifts: Yale Delivery Box
Keep the Grinch from ruining the holidays! Photo courtesy of Yale

This may be one gift you want to get for yourself.

The holidays always bring a dramatic rise in packages to our homes. The Yale Smart Delivery Box can help keep your deliveries safe this season and beyond. By receiving boxes into a smart lock-protected, weather-proof box, the box can prevent damage from cold and rainy weather, keep parcels protected from prying eyes and give you the confidence to order even high-value gifts to your doorstep. With the Yale Access app, you can unlock/lock the box from anywhere and know exactly when your packages are received. It’s also helpful to keep kids or nosy household members from seeing and guessing their gifts—not to mention, never missing a delivery during the busy holiday season.

19. The Adare Manor Holiday Hamper

Retail Price: $101

Last-Minute Gifts: Adare Hamper
A touch of Ireland this holiday season. Photo courtesy of Adare Manor

Great conversations start with great company and a perfect pot of tea. A tradition as old as time, many memories have been made and laughter shared around the warmth of a cup of tea. This indulgent box, which includes Adare Manor’s signature blend tea called ‘1832,’ is perfect for those moments shared with friends. Share a slice of the Irish estate’s Luxury Christmas Pudding (we suggest breaking out the marmalade and curd for pairing); indulge on homemade champagne truffles; or perhaps break off a piece of a decadent chocolate bar—milk chocolate or sea salted caramel. Savor it all slowly and cherish each unhurried moment.

Adare Manor knows what the holidays were made for.

20. ISOtunes LITE

Retail Price: $69.99

Last-Minute Gifts: ISOtunes
Keep your hearing intact with these innovative noise blockers. Photo courtesy of ISOtunes

ISOtunes‘ new LITE product is the perfect gift for anyone who has a love for home projects or who picked up a DIY hobby during the COVID lockdown. For adult hobbyists and DIYers who are new to power tools and power equipment, ISOtunes LITE is a Bluetooth earbud that offers a lightweight design and easy-to-use functionality, allowing users to easily protect their hearing. These headphones are certified-hearing protectors that limit the volume output to 85 decibels. LITE merges the latest in cutting-edge electronics with a stylish, lightweight design.

21. The Chef’s Knife by STEELPORT Knife Co.

Retail Price: $400

Last-Minute Gifts: chef's knife
A chef’s knife like none other. Photo courtesy of STEELPORT

This might be the ideal present for the chef in the family. The Portland, Oregon-based STEELPORT Knife Co. has reintroduced a modern American heirloom forged of carbon steel. This chef’s knife is the ultimate piece of cutlery. It delivers trusted performance, exceptional design and individuality throughout the rigorous production process. It is made from solid one-piece drop-forged construction of American 52100 carbon steel, heat-treated to achieve an unmatched hardness at the blade for exceptional long-lasting sharpness while maintaining a softer spine for lifelong durability. A smooth hand-polished spine and bolster create a supremely comfortable pinch grip hold, with a resin-stabilized contoured handle made of beautiful local Oregon Big Leaf Maple burl.

22. Bamboo Throw Blanket From Cozy Earth

Retail Price: $164

Last-Minute Gifts: Cozy Earth Blankets
A versatile and ultra-soft throw that can add some texture to any bed or sofa. Photo courtesy of Cozy Earth

This unique throw blanket from Cozy Earth’s Bamboo collection is versatile and ultra-soft. Even Oprah called the Baboo line the “softest ever.” The quality is impressive and is backed up by Cozy Earth’s 10-year warranty—a likely first for a blanket. The throw is a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that feels many degrees cooler than cotton.

23. The Coupe by Bunch Bikes

Retail Price: $6,999

Last-Minute Gifts: Bunch Bike
Channel a little piece of Holland. Photo courtesy of Bunch Bik

If you have ever been to the Netherlands, you have almost certainly seen an intriguing tricycle on the streets and sidewalks that looks almost like a bicycle cum wheelbarrow. The contraption is usually helmed by 20 or 30-something aged parents carting around their young children. Now, Texas-based Bunch Bike is bringing this useful contraption to the U.S. in an EV (electric vehicle) format no less. The Coupe will transform any trip around town into an adventure on wheels. The kiddos will love the excitement of tooling around while mom or dad runs neighborhood errands in this electric cargo bike designed for families. It includes seat belts for two kids, a powerful mid-drive electric motor, automatic-shifting and a sleek front cargo box with a fold-down front door. Importantly, the Coupe’s slim profile allows it to fit through any standard doorway. Bonus feature: The Coupe is shipped fully assembled.

24. The 60V Max Flex-Force 2-Stage Snow Blower by Toro

Retail Price: $1,499

Last-Minute Gifts: Toro snow blower
Toro is bringing best-in-class renewable and clean energy solutions to frozen driveways all across North America. Photo courtesy of Toro

Forget what you thought you knew about battery-powered snow blowers—the new 60V Flex-Force 2-Stage Snow Blower from Toro is a force to be reckoned with. With its any-direction Quick Stick chute control, it not only throws the heaviest snow up to 45 feet, but it can also clear up to a 45-parked-car driveway on a single charge. It’s amazingly quiet, so you can be sure you don’t wake up your neighbors during early morning dig-outs. This workhorse also comes with panoramic LED lighting to fire up the night or the wee hours of the morning. Bonus feature: Add any of Toro’s other 60V Flex-Force yard tools—of which there are more than 50—to your garage and seamlessly swap the universal battery for all-season yard care. This Toro is the ideal gift for anyone who lives north of the 37th parallel.

25. Refine Sweatshirt From Troop

Retail Price: $65

Last-Minute Gifts: Troop Sweater
Versatile and ethically sourced, Troop’s Refine collection is creamy buttery soft. Photo courtesy of Troop

It’s no secret why Troop is quickly emerging as one of the preferred weekend athleisure brands for everyone from Hollywood A-listers to Kansas City soccer moms—its texture is nothing like you’ve encountered before. Troop calls this unique tactile sensation “creamy buttery soft”—as if the ethically-sourced Siro yarns magically melt into your skin, keeping you cool in the heat and snug in the cold. Double-dyed to achieve deeper colors and back-brushed for maximum softness, the gift of a Troop Refine fleece will be a wardrobe staple for years to come that can be worn anywhere and everywhere, elevating the definition of everyday fashion. Bonus feature: Troop is committed to donating 1 percent of every sale to nonprofits supporting the planet.

26. Chinoiserie No. 19 Embroidered Velvet Mules

Retail Price: $138

Last-Minute Gifts: Chinoiserie No. 19 Mules
Asian-inspired fashion meets LA hip. Photo courtesy of Chinoiserie No. 19

Drawing on her heritage, Cathy Wong, a Chinese American and Los Angeles-based designer created Chinoiserie No. 19 with an eye toward practical urban luxury with a twist of the Far East. Chinoiserie No. 19 embraces the decorative art of old time, utilizing the originality of Asian motifs such as flowers, animals, insects and patterns, each with its own symbol and meaning, allowing customers to choose the style that most reflects their own personality. The brand’s velvet mules are handcrafted in small batches with high-quality, sustainable materials. These handmade slippers make the perfect gift for any hard-to-buy-for recipient this holiday season, dressed up or down for the perfect outfit.

27. St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur X Anna Sui Bottle Tote

Retail Price: $220

Last-Minute Gifts: St-Germain
Hailing from Detroit, designer Anna Sui has partnered up with French spirits distiller St-Germain for a one-of-a-kind holiday gift ensemble. Photo courtesy of St-Germain

It’s two icons for the price of one. Or maybe it’s Motor City meets the City of Lights?

St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur and iconic fashion designer Anna Sui have partnered to create a special limited edition drop of the perfect accessory for all holiday gatherings. Enclosing a 750 mL bottle of St-Germain, the tote adds a dash of inspiration to all of your holiday gatherings and gifting moments. Inspired by the up to 1,000 handpicked elderflowers that go into every bottle of St-Germain and its bright, fresh flavors that make every cocktail bloom, the St-Germain X Anna Sui Bottle Tote features Anna Sui’s signature craftsmanship and elegant aesthetic—making it the ultimate chic, decadent treat to gift yourself or loved ones for the holidays.

28. The Tomahawk Gift Box by CUTS

Retail Price: $250

Last-Minute Gifts: Steak
CUTS offers an array of great meat packages curated by former NFL QB Jay Cutler (R) and celebrity butcher Pat LaFrieda (L). Photo courtesy of Pat Dunford for CUTS

CUTS is a new monthly meat subscription box from former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler. Cutler— best known for his gridiron days (let’s try to forget his role on E!’s Very Cavallari)—who always harbored ambitions to open his own butcher shop. So, when he met celebrated butcher Pat LaFrieda, the country’s most famous meat purveyor who supplies the top steakhouses and restaurants nationwide, the collaboration was a natural fit. They joined forces to offer 100 percent American-raised and grazed meats from legacy farms across the United States, hand-picked and delivered right to your doorstep. Boxes are available either as a monthly subscription or via one-time deliveries, including seasonal options like the Tomahawk Gift Box. In this medley of fine cuts, Cutler and LaFrieda worked together to create the perfect selection of mouthwatering meats for the table, including a colossal 40 oz. Prime Tomahawk Rib Steak, alongside tender filet mignons and other staples.

29. Courage & Conviction by the Virginia Distillery Company

Retail Price: $70

Last-Minute Gifts: Courage & Conviction Whisky
A true piece of American tradition for the holidays. Photo courtesy of Virginia Distillery Company

Virginia Distillery Company’s award-winning flagship American Single Malt Whisky Courage & Conviction is Americana in a 750 mL bottle. Made from 100 percent malted barley whisky aged three years in former sherry, bourbon and cuvée wine casks, the spirit delivers pleasant notes of caramel and butterscotch, and later evolves on the palate with hints of bright red fruit, raspberry, cocoa, barrel spice and vanilla with an exceptionally smooth finish. The whisky lover on your list will appreciate the gesture.

30. The Kokak Grand Celebration Chocolate Truffle Tower

Retail Price: $172

Last-Minute Gifts: Kokak Chocolate Truffles
Kokak small batch truffles are the perfect gift for any card-carrying member of Chocoholics Anonymous. Photo courtesy of Kokak

The chocolate lover in your life will be endlessly grateful to be on the receiving end of a Kokak Chocolates Grand Celebration Tower. This tower of chocolaty flavors will transport your friend or family member’s tastebuds this holiday season on a global tour de force with flavor ensembles inspired from around the globe. Customize the gift with a handwritten notecard that will be included in the package and add some of his or her favorite truffle flavors. Kokak, which means “ribbit” in Filipino, is inspired by founder Carol Gancia’s Asian heritage. She spearheads the creative process in designing each chocolate’s flavors and hopes to take her customers on a visual and tasteful adventure to tropical pond life in Asia, where lush lilies, bamboo, plants and animal life thrive.

31. Rejuvenating Gloves by MesoLyft

Retail Price: $199

Last-Minute Gifts: MesoLyft Gloves
Turn back the hands of time. Photo courtesy of MesoLyft

Women of just about any age—and maybe even a few men—will enjoy receiving MesoLyft’s Rejuvenating Gloves this holiday season. Designed to firm and tone skin and reclaim a radiant, youthful look in just minutes, this gift is for those who fret about wrinkles and sun damage. MesoLyft’s Rejuvenating Gloves are a UV-free thermal beauty device made from synthetic material that contains a built-in LED infrared light that is rechargeable and portable. In addition, Mesolyft Rejuvenating Gloves improve the appearance of wrinkles, decrease inflammatory and oxidative processes, and increase cellular metabolism.

32. Doña Vega Mezcal Tobalá

Retail Price: $130 (750 mL)

Last-Minute Gifts: Mezcal
Possibly the best mezcal on the U.S. market under $500. Photo courtesy of Doña Vega

The mezcal fever that has swept the U.S. since the onset of the pandemic is showing no signs of abating, and now there is a new heavy hitter in the ring. The Tobalá mezcal by Doña Vega is sought after for its sweet nose, intoxicating range of flavors and long, smooth finish. The agave-lover on your guest list will appreciate your keen sense of nose—the Tobalá delivers a one-of-a-kind rounder and a more subtle smoke profile than other mezcales and has a creamier, velvety mouthfeel with flavors that include vanilla, cocoa, nougat and toasted oak.

33. A Custom Neon Sign by Custom Neon

Retail Price: Starting at $195

Last-Minute Gifts: Neon Signs
Give the gift of bespoke neon signage. Photo courtesy of Custom Neon

Whether you are a blogger looking for a cool backdrop or seeking the perfect gift for that teenager who is impossible to buy for, a custom neon sign by Custom Neon might just hit the spot. Upload images, text—let your creative juices run wild. Fancier options can cross the $1,000 mark, so the final price really depends on the size and complexity of the project, as well as your imagination No matter what you choose, the fabrication is top notch, and once you turn it on, you will be amazed how it changes the vibe of a room.

34. The Nokia G50

Retail Price: $270

Nokia G50
A phone built with sustainability in mind. Photo courtesy of Nokia

If you are looking to give someone a starter-level and not-crazy expensive Android phone this holiday, we recommend considering the Nokia G50. It’s 5G-ready thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G Mobile Platform at its core. It’s also equipped with a battery that can last for days, a 48 MP triple camera supported by AI and image stabilization, that famous Nordic reliability that Nokia is known for and a quality build.

35. Franne Golde’s Bliss Duster

Retail Price: $128

Last-Minute Gifts: Franne Golde Bliss Duster
The Bliss Duster is as comfy as it looks. Photo courtesy of Franne Golde

Franne Golde’s Bliss Duster is a chic and comfy layer, perfect for curling up with a good book, entertaining at home or running the day’s errands in style. Pair with the matching Heavenly Pant for a perfect lounging set. Dressed up or down, this is loungewear with a twist of chic! The perfect wrap for opening presents on Christmas morning.

36. Inspiro Tequila

Retail Price: $53 (750 mL)

Last-Minute Gifts: Inspiro Tequila
Zero carb, zero sugar tequila. Photo courtesy of Inspiro

If you have a tequila aficionado on your shopping list, Worth recommends you consider gifting a bottle of Inspiro Tequila—a new brand that was born with a vision to redefine what it means to enjoy tequila. It is a sophisticated, smooth and sippable ultra-premium tequila, crafted from 100 percent Blue Weber agave. Unlike many brands out on the marketplace, Inspiro is additive-free, gluten-free and it has zero carbs or sugar. Inspiro is owned and operated by Mara Smith, an entrepreneur on a mission to give back to other female founders with projects such as the Inspiro Purple Bicycle Project, created to financially support and mentor female founders, enabling them to get started, manage the bumps along the way and move forward to follow their dreams.

37. The Epson EcoTank ET-2850 Printer

Retail Price: $300

Last-Minute Gifts: Epson Printer
A helpful gift for the whole family. Photo courtesy of Epson

Epson’s EcoTank ET-2850 Wireless Color All-in-One Cartridge-Free Supertank Printer (boy, that’s a mouthful!) is a great gift that the whole family can enjoy, providing everyone with the freedom to print in color without worrying about running out of ink all the time! With high-capacity, easily refillable ink tanks for zero cartridge waste and productivity features including wireless, auto two-sided and voice-activated printing, print thousands of pages year-round for fun activities, business needs and more.

38. BRAND 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

Retail Price: $330 (750 mL bottle)

Last-Minute Gifts: Cabernet Sauvignon
The highest expression of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Photo courtesy of BRAND

The BRAND 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon is the flagship wine of this Napa Valley estate vineyard and winery on famed Pritchard Hill—and a sure bet for the oenophile on your holiday shopping list.

39. The Espin Aero

Retail Price: $799 

Espin Aero E-Bike
Quintessential urban mobility. Photo courtesy of Espin

The perfect gift for the city commuter, the Aero, the latest from e-bike innovator Espin, is designed for riders who want the simplicity of a single geared bike with the performance of an e-bike. The Aero provides convenience, style and performance in a sleek and beautiful design. With a geared hub motor, it can go up to 30 miles on one charge, and the battery itself—hidden from view—charges in just three hours. Whether it’s a quick ride to work or an afternoon exploring the city, you’ll be in control of your journey from start to finish. Available in forest green or smoke gray.

40. The Macallan Double Cask 15 Years Old

Retail Price: $135

Last-Minute Gift Ideas: Macallan 15
The Macallan 15 blends the best of new and old-world oak. Photo courtesy of Macallan

Since 1824, every Macallan single malt is an exhibit in unrivalled commitment to the mastery of wood and spirit for which the brand has become known. The Macallan 15 is a balanced single malt whisky created by bringing the perfect harmony of two oaks—one European and one American—into one exceptional single malt whisky. The American Oak imparts delicate flavors of vanilla, citrus and butterscotch, while the European Oak delivers the unmistakable subtle spice of The Macallan. Once matured after 15 years, these two exceptional whiskies unite to create a distinctive single malt with a sweeter, warmer taste and character. Enjoy it neat or over ice. The perfect stocking stuffer for all whisky lovers.

41. Flow Hive 2

Retail Price: $808

Flow Hive
Homemade honey. Photo courtesy of Flow Hive

For the family apiarist, Worth recommends the Flow Hive, where eco-consciousness meets handcrafted design. It’s the perfect gift for a backyard gardener, environmental advocate or adventurous foodie. Flow Hive lets you harvest honey on tap with its revolutionary setup. When the frames are full, simply turn the key and watch your honey flow out. One Flow Hive can produce up to 49 jars of honey when the hive is ready for harvesting—making this the gift that gives back.

42. Azuñia Black Tequila

Retail Price: $120 (750 mL)

Azunia Tequila
Extra-aged tequila. Photo courtesy of Azuñia

Looking for something different for the tequila fan this holiday season? Check out Azuñia Black Tequila—a bold, distinct and artfully crafted agave elixir that undergoes two years of extra aging before making its way to a glass. Every barrel is filled and rested on-site at the family-owned-and-operated farm and distillery, Rancho Miravalle, where each bottle is numbered and signed by Azuñia’s master distiller, Salvador Rivera Cardona. Using 100 percent Blue Weber agave from dedicated fields of the Tequila Valley, this small batch’s label will rise to any occasion.

43. Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset

Retail Price: $150

Ideal last-minute gift idea: HyperX headset
The ideal gift for gamers. Photo courtesy of HyperX

The Cloud II’s performance will bring the gamer in the family to Cloud Nine.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of all gamers, HyperX eliminated wires on its best-selling, iconic gaming headset to bring gamers the Cloud II Wireless. With a redefined new look, 30-hour battery life and signature HyperX comfort, Cloud II Wireless is designed to fit anyone’s gaming, remote learning or work-from-home needs. The Cloud II Wireless gaming headset builds off the legendary comfort and sound performance of the wired Cloud II, carrying on the legacy of HyperX’s best-selling headset.

44. The Diaper Bag by Ayla & Co With Vacuum

Retail Price: $225

Last-Minute Gifts: diaper bag
Finally! A diaper bag with a portable vacuum. Photo courtesy of Ayla & Co

If you have any young moms or dads (or expecting parents) on your holiday shopping list, consider Ayla & Co’s innovative Diaper Bag Bundle that not only includes a bag that opens up from the front so you can see and organize what you’re packing, but it also has a dual setting, cordless and chic portable vacuum! With a chic look, it will perfectly accessorize almost anything mom or dad is wearing. And the vacuum is perfect for suctioning anything and is small enough to fit comfortably in your bag, car, stroller and more! It’s so small and fashionable that it could be mistaken for a water bottle, making it easy to carry around anywhere and everywhere. It’ll help parents tackle the chaos of parenthood with prime organization and a quick cleaning solution.

45. Special Reserve Manuka Honey by Comvita

Retail Price: $425

Last-Minute Gifts: Manuka Honey
High-end honey. Photo courtesy of Comvita

If you have never tasted high-end honey before, prepare to have your mind blown. Special Reserve Raw Manuka Honey comes from the nectar of the manuka flower in the pristine forests of New Zealand. Comvita Manuka Honey is raw, wild, unpasteurized, non-GMO and certified gluten-free. Bonus feature: It’s also verified halal and kosher. Every batch of Comvita Manuka Honey is independently tested and certified by the UMF Honey Association. An excellent stocking stuffer idea.

46. The Meural Canvas II by NETGEAR

Retail Price: Starting at $350

This is one can’t-miss holiday gift.

The Meural Canvas II is a stylish digital canvas that brings entire art collections and photo albums to your wall. The top-of-the-line WiFi-connected art frame allows you to display what’s distinctly you, from cherished memories and favorite artworks to NFTs you’ve downloaded. Its anti-glare screen captures every detail of your favorite art and photos, displaying it in lifelike detail. The Meural Library offers over 30,000 selections of famous artwork from museums and galleries around the world—from the Louvre to The Met—letting you enjoy over $3 billion of art in one digital frame. Meural Canvas II comes in two sizes, four colors and a sleek, modern-meets-classic frame design.

47. Hand Embellished Acrylic Sculptures by Hapi Art

Retail Price: Starting at $245

Hapi Art
Hapi Art will make any room a happier place! Photo courtesy of Hapi Art

Liven up any room’s décor with an eye-catching acrylic block sculpture from Hapi Art. Artist Kristi Kohut makes unique pieces of art that complement any bookcase, nightstand or side table with special edition sculptures that are hand-embellished with cut glass glitter/crystals and signed by the artist.

48. Champagne Christophe Baron

Retail Price: $240 (1 liter)

Last-Minute Gift: Christophe Baron Champagne
A champagne magnum with both old and new world roots. Photo courtesy of Christophe Baron

French vigneron Christophe Baron was the first wine crafter to plant vines in the Walla Walla Valley in the Pacific Northwest in 1997, a project he named Cayuse Vineyards. In 2014, Christophe returned to explore his roots in Charly-sur-Marne, Champagne, as the next generation of centuries-old Champagne house Baron Albert, a family which has farmed in the region since 1677. Christophe decided to honor his heritage by crafting a small production of a unique style of Champagne from 100 percent Pinot Meunier grapes—the great grape variety which is uniquely adapted to highlight and distinguish the richly diverse terroir in this region of the Marne Valley.

49. The Frontier X by Fourth Frontier

Retail Price: $399

Last-Minute Gifts: Frontier X
Continuous ECG monitoring for those who push it to the max. Photo courtesy of Fourth Frontier

For the fitness fans on your holiday list, consider a Frontier X, an advanced fitness wearable with continuous ECG monitoring during movement for smart heart health guidance. It provides detailed physiological data on the heart and lungs previously only available in labs or doctors’ offices, providing continuous ECG monitoring during movement and cardiac strain alerts in real-time to help users improve heart health, recognize abnormalities and perform safely.

50. The Bladnoch Talia 25

Retail Price: $572

Bladnoch Talia 25 Scotch
For the Scotch lover. Photo courtesy of Bladnoch Distillery

The historic Bladnoch Distillery was established over 200 years ago, making it the oldest working Scotch whisky distillery in the Lowlands. As the southernmost distillery in Scotland, it is commonly referred to as the ‘Queen of the Lowlands.’ Handcrafted using only the finest local ingredients, such as the pristine water from the River Bladnoch that flows alongside the distillery and Scottish barley to create a rich, flavorful whisky that is best savored. Bladnoch single malts are non-chill filtered to ensure the truest flavors shine through. Silky and spicy, the Bladnoch Talia 25 aged Scotch whisky is finished in new oak casks and bottled at natural cask strength after 25 years.

51. reMarkable 2 Paper Tablet

Retail Price: $399

A gift that almost anyone will make use of, the reMarkable 2 is an amazing, multifunctional tablet. From students and working professionals to avid writers, this tablet feels just like writing on paper, but up-levels the functionality to include cloud connectivity, the ability to edit or sign documents on the tablet, handwriting-to-type conversion and storage organization. It’s the ultimate notebook with virtually instant response and a texturized surface that makes for an unprecedented, distraction-free writing experience. It’s simply, remarkable.

52. Epicureanist Helix Spinning Wine Glass

Retail Price: $45

Wine Glasses
Why not decant your wine in the glass itself? Photo courtesy of Epicureanist

Another gift idea for the family oenophile: the Helix Spinning Wine Glass from Epicureanist. The unique design allows you to enjoy all the aromas from your wine as it decants while it spins. The bottom of the glass is specially crafted to have the ability to spin on a flat surface, which lets the drink aerate, enhancing its flavors perfectly to be indulged.

53. The Far Niente Estate Collection

Retail Price: $450

Last-Minute Gift: Far Niente Estate Wine Set
Calling all California wine lovers. Photo courtesy of Far Niente Estate

The California wine lover will absolutely adore this one-of-a-kind collection. The Far Niente Estate Collection is the only collection that features wines from all five of Far Niente’s Napa Valley and Russian River Valley wineries. This exclusive boxed set offers a true taste of everything Far Niente does. The set includes a 2019 Napa Valley Chardonnay, a 2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, a 2017 Napa Valley Bella Union Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2018 Napa Valley Nickel & Nickel John C. Sullenger Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2013 Dolce Napa Valley.

54. Schumacher Rugged Lithium 1000A Jump Starter

Retail Price: $160

A perfect insurance policy for winter driving, this all-new lithium ion jump starter from Schumacher safely jump starts a dead battery in seconds, ranging from 25 to 50 starts per charge. It is perfect for winter preparations as the jump starter features pre-heating technology to warm batteries in extreme cold. Jump start your car reliably with 1000 peak amps, 4-cell-high performance lithium technology, superior cable lengths that allows for maximum operational flexibility and high-lumen LED area lights.

55. Unagi Model One E-Scooter

Retail Price: $990

Last-Minute Gifts: E-Scooter
Ultra-light weight e-scooter. Photo courtesy of Unagi

The ultra-light weight Unagi Model One e-scooter has a sleek, modern design that makes it one of the lightest e-scootersin the market. Its easy portability makes the Model One the premier choice for commuters who need to get from point A to point B, when B might entail taking an elevator up to the 51st floor. Every inch of the Unagi is designed with durability, structural integrity and a minimal aesthetic and is a favorite among celebrity musicians such as Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, Halsey and Lizzo.

56. HighOnLove Chocolate Body Paint

Retail Price: $35 (100 mL)

Last-Minute Gifts: Chocolate Body Paint
Sexy, tasty, chocolate body paint. Photo courtesy of HighOnLove

Probably better suited as a Valentine’s Day gift, we cannot overlook this sexy chocolate option for the right gift giver (and receiver). Designed as an aphrodisiac, this luscious and rich dark chocolate is made with premium-grade hemp seed oil, giving couples a satisfying taste for more. The effects of the chocolate body paint take intimacy to a whole new level by releasing euphoric sensations and pure delight.

57. Obrie Liquid Lipstick Giftset

Retail Price: $40

Last-Minute Gifts: Obrie Lipstick Set
For the lipstick lover. Photo courtesy of Obrie

We all have someone on our list who has everything, and we struggle to find the perfect gift to give them. But for the makeup lover in your life, look no further: the Obrie Liquid Lipstick Giftset. Obrie Beauty’s holiday lipstick gift sets make it super easy to celebrate your makeup fan and get them shade options they’ll love. It also helps that it comes already gift wrapped, and the high impact formula can be used on the most sensitive skin. The velvet-like liquid lipstick is built for long-wear and comfort, even during the colder months.

58. The SWFT ZIP E-Bike

Retail Price: $1,199

Last-Minute Gifts: SWFT E-Bike
An e-bike with fat tires and seating for two. Photo courtesy of SWFT

 For the person in your life who is always on the go and looking for the next exciting gadget, this is the e-bike you want to get them. The ZIP’s powerful motor and high-performance fat tires make for a smooth ride on a range of terrains, no matter how rough or rocky. Perfect for navigating everything from cobblestone in Cobble Hill to gravel roads in Grand Forks.

59. Lake Street Speaks by Susan Shields

Retail Price: $40 

In May 2020, the world came to a stop as cellphone video captured by Darnella Frazier, a teenage bystander who happened to be at the wrong place at the right time, emerged to show ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd by pressing his knee into the back of Floyd’s neck. In the wake of the Floyd murder came a national and even global conversation around equity, policing and what it means to be black. For all audiences young and old, Worth highly recommends Lake Street Speaks—a commemorative art book highlighting the street murals that spontaneously emerged in Minneapolis following Floyd’s death and the protests that followed. The imagery is accompanied by the poetry of a 19-year-old African American Minneapolis woman, Rashaunea Ambers-Winston, who she shares the pain and sadness she has experienced growing up Black in the city of Minneapolis.

60. Fine Cleansing Wash + Rich Hydrating Cream Set by FORK & MELON

Retail Price: $70 

Home luxury in a pair of bottles. Photo courtesy of FORK & MELON

This holiday season there are likely near-endless potential gift recipients who would enjoy receiving a luxury liquid soap and lotion glass set by FORK & MELON; it’s the perfect indulgent holiday gift that will delight even the most discerning recipients. Using only the cleanest and finest ingredients, including watermelon seed oil imported from France, the multipurpose formulas are luxurious to use and leave skin soft, hydrated and smooth, while being safe for the whole family to enjoy. The beautiful bottles are refillable, and their classic, minimal design elevates any bathroom or kitchen. Made in a certified organic facility in Southern California that is 100 percent wind powered, this gift is a chic and eco-friendly upgrade for any home as well as the planet.

61. The Dara Smart Scale by FitTrack

Retail Price: $80 

Last-Minute Gifts: Smart Scale
A chic lightweight scale that measures BMI, fat mass and more. Photo courtesy of FitTrack

The Dara Smart Scale is a highly accurate, body-type specific smart scale that measures BMI, fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, weight and hydration levels. Dara gives you personalized insights, making it easy to reach your health goals and stay motivated along the way.

62. The Perfect Pairing Collection by Glasvin

Retail Price: $145 (Set of Four)


Last-Minute Gifts: Glassware
Michelin Star quality glassware for the home. Photo courtesy of Glasvin


Glasvin believes that elegance should be accessible to everyone not just the privileged few. This is high-end stemware that is typically used only in 3-Michelin Star restaurants but is now available at far more accessible prices; by cutting out the middleman and working directly with the factory, Glasvin is able to offer wine lovers the unparalleled sophistication of hand-blown glassware. The Perfect Pairing collection fulfills the sensory expectations of the entire spectrum of wines, allowing for a truly satisfying wine-drinking experience. Glasvin has designed a highly elegant and modern glass that will change how you drink wine, as well as how you enjoy wine with others.

63. Blue Ice Potato Vodka

Retail Price: $20 (750 mL)

Last-Minute Gifts: Blue Ice Vodka
Idaho potatoes in a bottle Photo courtesy of 21st Century Spirits

Blue Ice Potato Vodka is 21st Century Spirits’ homage to traditional vodka. Rated the top American Potato Vodka of 2021 by, the Idaho-based distillery creates its Blue Ice elixir by using local potatoes for a notably smooth and uniquely tasteful product. In addition to its taste, Blue Ice is gluten-free, keto-friendly and contains only 64 calories per ounce, making it a favorite amongst calorie-conscious consumers.

64. Fauna Audio Glasses

Retail Price: $199

Fauna Audio Glasses
Audio glasses that look great and sound awesome Photo courtesy of Fauna

Fauna has come out with a new line of audio glasses that look great and have amazing sound for music lovers and multitaskers alike. Fauna audio glasses allow you to listen to music and your surroundings at the same time. They keep you safe and looking stylish as you experience your favorite album, audiobook or connect with friends.

65. The Beacon40 Personal Wellness Lamp

Retail Price: $274

Last-Minute Gifts: Beacon Lamp
The beacon light aims to improve mental acuity. Photo courtesy of Beacon

The Beacon light system is safe, quiet and the first user-friendly, 40Hz wellness lamp that aims to improve mental acuity, memory, attention and sleep. Effortlessly blending into any home or office, the nurturing lights fade into the background, while users go about their daily routines like answering emails, reading or watching TV. Users can set preferences of light duration, color tone and brightness, as well as set daily timers via controls at the base or use voice controls by connecting to your smart home device.

66. Pro-Blender Bundle From Brandless

Retail Price: $149

Last-Minute Gifts: blender
An all-in-one countertop smoothie machine. Photo courtesy of Brandless

Anyone on your shopping list who is into smoothies will really appreciate the Pro-Blender Bundle from Brandless, a durable, adaptable and pro-quality blender. Explore new recipes and settings with every meal. With room for all types of ingredients, the 64-ounce Tritan carafe makes it easy to mix a variety of concoctions. With six stainless steel blades, users can chop, puree and blend with confidence.

67. Trova Go+plus

Retail Price: $249

The GO+p is a mini-safe, meant to be overlooked, mimicking a hard drive or battery. Photo courtesy of Trova

Last but not least, the TROVA GO+plus is a portable biometric safe designed for daily storage of your private rituals and objects, such as jewelry, vapes, prescription/legal recreational drugs or any private objects that require discretion. It’s an ideal accessory for pockets, handbags, luggage, athletic bags and more. The unit wirelessly connects via Bluetooth and is accessible through biometric scanning. Its accompanying app will notify you when left unopen or out of range, keeping tabs on your belongings at all times.