Mostly due to the growth of wrist devices that track your movements and heartbeat, such as Jawbone, Fitbit and, of course, the Apple Watch. But wearables are still in their early days, and they’re changing—and improving—fast. These latest innovations blend style, technology and function.

01. Ralph Lauren PoloTech Shirt

You may have seen some ball boys wearing these at the 2014 U.S. Open tennis championship. More than just a sleek compression shirt, this garment is knitted with “biosensing silver fibers” that measure vital signs and other biometric data that you can use to measure your athletic performance. ($295)


02. Beartek Motorcycle Gloves

Operate your music, cell phone or GoPro camera on the road with a tap of the finger. Sensors on these gloves pair with your phone or camera to allow you to control them remotely. These water-resistant gloves are made of leather with carbon-fiber knuckle and finger patches for protection. ($275) Tarik Rodgers, CEO,, 313.727.7653,

03. Z Zegna Icon Warmer Jacket

The suit maker has long dabbled in wearables: Its sporty Icon jacket featured smartphone controls, and the Ecotech Solar jacket harnessed solar power to charge electronic devices. This iteration, a lightweight winter coat that debuts this fall, keeps you warm with a wireless heating system that you control. ($1,795)

04. Wearable Experiments Navigate Jacket

This jacket uses haptic technology (which mimics the sense of touch through vibration) to act as a GPS system for the wearer. Its app uploads directions to sensors embedded in the fabric. As you walk or drive toward your destination, the sensors “tap” you on the corresponding shoulder to tell you where to turn. (Not yet available.) Billie Whitehouse, cofounder,,


05. Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet

This unassuming brass piece by designer Rebecca Minkoff lets the wearer monitor her phone through a buzz at her wrist—and choose which calls to take. It pairs with any smartphone and vibrates whenever one of 25 predetermined contacts calls or texts. ($120)

06. Altruis Cleopatra Ring

This ring, whose interior features an electronic circuit board, pairs with the iPhone and vibrates for the phone notifications you specify. The minimalist design makes it easy to complement your clothing, and it comes in silver and gold. ($480)