To some travelers, all charter trips at first appear similar. You arrive at an FBO facility, greet your pilot, and within 15 minutes, you are taking off to your destination. But, have you ever considered everything that goes on behind the scenes to make each trip exceptional and tailored to your preferences? Choosing a company that puts a vast amount of resources into the safety, security and service makes all the difference. When it comes to charter, no other company can match our resources and capabilities.

“Our goal is to create an environment that focuses on customer safety and service throughout their entire experience,” says Don Haloburdo, general manager and vice president, Jet Aviation Flight Services. “We’re fortunate to have input from some of business aviation’s best professionals, whether it is operations, cabin standards or flight scheduling.”


On board, Jet Aviation cultivates an environment that is customer-centric, rooted in learning their likes and preferences over time and delivering a consistent service that incorporates those particular tastes. “Our job is to create a natural extension of our client’s home or office on board the aircraft,” said Penny Stocksdale, Jet Aviation’s manager of cabin standards and service. “Safety is inherent in everything we do, but our service is unique to each client and each aircraft.” Between each trip, Penny works closely with Jet Aviation’s cabin attendants, instructing them on the nuances that create an exceptional flight. Most of the trainings take place at Jet Aviation’s Jet Services University, a classroom style program in Teterboro, NJ.

“Our job is to create a natural extension of our client’s home or office on board the aircraft,”

Since clients also seek the latest in technology and amenities aboard the aircraft, most of Jet Aviation’s fleet is equipped with Wi-Fi. “This is perhaps one of the most single important features that our clients look for in an aircraft,” says Leslie Cheshier, Vice President of Charter Sales at Avjet, Jet Aviation’s fully owned charter operator. In addition, travelers will find multiple outlets for charging portable electronics and multiple monitors strategically placed throughout the cabin.

On the ground, Jet Aviation employs staff 24/7/365 with multiple flight centers around the world including offices in Teterboro, NJ; Chicago, IL; Burbank, CA; Zurich, Switzerland; Dubai, UAE; and Hong Kong. Customers can always reach a charter representative who is knowledgeable about their trip and aircraft.


Jet Aviation is also recognized for industry-leading safety and service. In the U.S. the company has attained industry recognition for operating at the highest levels of safety and security, achieving Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Platinum status as well as IS-BAO Stage 3 registration. All operations are either maintained or audited by Jet Aviation to ensure every aspect meets our strict standards.


In addition to the staff, Jet Aviation can call upon its global network of services to provide customers with a consistent experience. The company manages approximately 300 aircraft with a wide variety available for charter in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

As one of the world’s leading business-aviation services companies, Jet Aviation currently operates 30 airport facilities throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, and the Caribbean – providing maintenance, completions and refurbishment, engineering, FBO and fuel services, as well as aircraft management, charter and staffing services to private aircraft owners and operators around the world.


Choose the best option based on your travel needs.

Best for occasional traveling, you’ll have all the benefits of business jet charter without entering into a long-term contract, or joining a membership program. Pay as you travel, and choose the aircraft that best suits your trip.

Block charter agreements offer discounts in exchange for agreeing to purchase a certain number of charter hours, or blocks, to be used over a period of time. Programs can be tailored to meet your needs depending on your flight requirements. Block charter is advantageous for companies and individuals with travel profiles of over 50 flight hours per year.

Available in the United States, the Privileged Travel Jet Card offers the ease and speed of guaranteed private business travel. One call to Jet Aviation is all it takes to book your flight. The program features predictable costs, guaranteed aircraft availability and more; there is no long-term commitment required.