The Cross X Liberty United Collector’s Edition Gray Rollerball Pen

The Cross X Liberty United Collector’s Edition Gray Rollerball Pen

Cross, the Providence, R.I., company that is the oldest pen-maker in the United States, is a marketing partner of Worth’s, so take this pick with a grain of salt if you wish—but I am obsessed with this pen. It’s the result of a partnership between Cross and Liberty United, the organization founded by activist entrepreneur Peter Thum that takes metal from confiscated guns and uses it to make jewelry and pens. (The pen, after all, being mightier than the sword.) Twenty percent of the profits from these pens go to programs for at-risk kids.

For the Liberty United Pen, Cross head designer Ramon Kingsley integrated visual and tactile references to guns—the “gunmetal gray” color, the slide-and-click mechanism that exposes the writing point—to remind buyers of its origin. Another reminder: the pen clip bears the serial number of the gun whose metal the pen contains.

So this is a pen that has an inspirational backstory, looks great and helps make the world a little bit better. And, because this is important too, it writes beautifully and has, to my mind, just the right weight. For those who agree that pens are powerful ways of expressing both personal opinions and personal style, the Cross X Liberty United is a great choice.

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