Acura NSX

Acura NSX: Hybrid Power

Hybrid supercars from Porsche or Ferrari will set you back $850,000 or more. For a fraction of that price, the gas-electric NSX combines a 3.0-second dash to 60 mph and a 191-mph top speed with remarkable everyday drivability. A mid-engine, twin-turbo V-6 complements a trio of sophisticated electric motors. Two of those motors power individual front wheels, or apply electrical resistance to slow them down, delivering true “torque vectoring” to boost traction and handling. Add up those complex power sources, and the NSX generates a lusty 573 horsepower. Steering is entirely by-wire, with no mechanical connection between the pedal and brakes, yet the stoppers feel utterly natural. Decent, 21-mpg combined fuel economy is green icing on the cake.

(Base price: $157,800) 800.382.2238,

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