Today, the smartphone is ubiquitous. But as the Internet of Things becomes more and more of a reality, what is the future of the phone? And, in the not too distant future, will it be replaced as our central operating device by such intelligent networked objects as smart clothing, smart glasses, and smart cars?
At CES this year, I moderated a keynote panel featuring Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg, Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs and AT&T’s SVP of Network Operations John Donovan. And each of them spoke about their vision of a networked world in ten years time.
Vestberg, in particular, has a set of fascinating insights into the future. By 2050, he told me, 70 percent of the people on earth will live in cities. So, for him, the future is all about smart sensors, smart cities, and the way in which technology can be used to make our education and healthcare systems smarter.