Femtech—a term coined by Ida Tin, cofounder and CEO of the period-tracking app Clue—refers to the movement to create products, services and software designed to support women’s health. Things like women’s cycles, libido, menopause and reproductive journey are all natural aspects of women’s health that are traditionally viewed as taboo topics. This can lead to a sense of isolation among many women who may not know whether something they are experiencing is normal or not. That is where femtech comes in. Connecting women to resources and each other, as well as providing science-backed insights and analytics, the femtech industry is providing women with the help needed to supplement traditional care.

Elvie Pump 

This wearable breast pump allows mothers to discreetly pump anywhere, anytime. Marketed as a silent, wearable, electric hands-free pump that fits in your bra, Elvie is empowering women to be able to maintain their pumping routine while carrying on with their own busy schedules. The Elvie Pump comes with many different features including two modes and 14 different intensity levels; syncing the pump(s) to an app on your phone, you can even save your preferences for an easier experience. Additionally, through the “insights” feature on the app, you can track your pumping and quickly learn what works best for you. With the choice to purchase a single or double pump, the ability to recharge in just two hours via micro-USB and all the features Elvie has to offer, this pump is empowering women to take charge of their breastfeeding journey in new and innovative ways. 


Ava Fertility Basic

Ava is the first FDA-approved wearable fertility tracker. After wearing it overnight, the device syncs to your phone each morning via Bluetooth and provides you with daily updates on the timing of your five-day fertility window with 89 percent accuracy, according to Ava. This allows you to stay informed and increase your chance of pregnancy. Additionally, Ava may be covered by your insurance if you have fertility benefits through your employer, so be sure to check whether the purchase of this device is included in your health plan. 


Clue is a free period tracking app that, in addition to tracking your cycle, allows you to input all of your symptoms, such as headache, cramps, mood, energy level, cravings, breakouts, ability to focus, motivation and more. The more information you log in the app, the more accurately it can predict your next cycle and all the delightful side effects that go along with it. Clue also has an option for a premium subscription called Clue Plus; with Clue Plus, you can enjoy benefits such as a monthly cycle review, the ability to plan six months ahead with more period predictions, access to curated articles and resources, as well as Clue birth control (coming in 2022). 

Caria: Menopause & Midlife

Providing functions like expert support, community, symptom tracking and analytics, Caria is the premier menopause app. Believing that menopause, as a natural and significant part of every woman’s life, should be supported rather than disregarded, Caria is working to educate and assist those going through this experience. Developed with leading women’s health experts, Caria provides its customers with many avenues of support, such as self-guided programs designed to target your symptoms, a forum through which you can ask a community of people going through the same thing all of your burning questions and so much more. The app is available for free, providing you with basic options, or there is a premium option available for $9.99 a month. 


Womanizer Classic 2 

Stigmas and stereotypes around sex toys are becoming a thing of the past, and it’s about time. Understanding this, discretion may still be desired, and vibrator companies everywhere have got you covered. Offering everything from discrete packaging to practically silent devices, successful sex toy companies have their customers’ comfort in mind at every level of their product design. Womanizer is a leader in this arena with a perfect example being their new and improved Womanizer Classic 2. With groundbreaking Pleasure-Air technology, the Classic 2 is the ultimate tool for logging some quality “me time.” This ultra-silent clitoral stimulator offers the perfect way to unwind in private and was designed as an improvement on the original Classic through the feedback of the expansive Womanizer MasterbaTEAM (which you can become a part of).

Knix Period Underwear 

Period underwear. Genius or kind of gross? This alternative to the classic pad, tampon or menstrual cup dilemma is changing the period game by providing people who get their period with a sustainable, low-maintenance way to manage their cycle. Knix period underwear is washable, can absorb the equivalent of 10 regular tampons and is made of super-soft, comfortable modal cotton fabric. With tons of styles and sizes to choose from, Knix offers an option for everyone.