Sarah Beatty Buller

Sarah Beatty Buller

Co-Founder, Montgomery Builds

Sarah Beatty Buller is an accidental entrepreneur and mission driven builder. She is the co-founder of Montgomery Builds (est. 2013), an effort to rebuild culturally relevant historic spaces in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. Kress on Dexter is the symbolic “first” historic landmark building to be completed in the Montgomery Builds plan. In 2018, Kress on Dexter was recognized as the Best Historical Restoration with the national ABC Award, and a 2019 AIA Award for architectural design. Montgomery Builds is affiliated with ELSAJA. ELSAJA is a privately held company dedicated to redeveloping spaces that will encourage community-building in an authentic and organic way. Sarah is also the Founder of MAP: Montgomery Arts Project (est 2018), an initiative to spur revitalization, and deeper human connections via the arts.

A passionate environmentalist, Sarah is the Founder/owner of Greenmaker Industries, a manufacturer of environmentally sound American made building products, and Green Depot, a one-stop shop for sustainable “green” building materials. Prior to becoming a serial entrepreneur, Sarah worked for 16 years in media as the Vice President of Marketing & Global branding at MTV: Music Television and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Off-Air Creative for USA Network.

Sarah is a graduate of Harvard College (B.A. Cum Laude). She is a member of the Corporation of the Winsor School, a Board member of the Green Schools Alliance, and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Sarah Beatty Buller is an active member of the Women’s Forum of New York, currently serving as an officer on its Board of Directors.

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