Rhea Hoffman

Rhea Hoffman

Co-creator, VAXIE (Vaccinate Inland Empire), VAXIE (Vaccinate Inland Empire)

Rhea Hoffman is the co-creator of VAXIE (Vaccinate Inland Empire) a volunteer organization working to help people navigate the always changing Covid-19 vaccination system in Southern California.

VAXIE is a grassroots organization founded to address the need that arose to provide equal vaccine access for all. Senior citizens struggled to navigate online appointment systems, full time employees didn’t have time to navigate the time consuming appointment process, undocumented and homeless didn’t know where they could get vaccinated and not be turned away. Rhea Hoffman and Calista Vassios saw the need arise and stepped up to create an organization that turns no one away.

This free service assists qualified individuals, especially those with work and time constraints, mobility issues and those without computers, in scheduling vaccination appointments.

What started out as two friends concerned about our most at-risk neighbors, has turned into a growing organization of more than 25 volunteers, that has helped more than 70,000 people since February 2021. VAXIE volunteers are not medical professionals and do not offer medical advice. We have no political, religious or personal agenda.

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