Milledge Hart

Milledge Hart

Co-Author, The Resolutionist: Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement, The Resolutionist: Welcome To The Anti-Retirement Movement

Retirement is no longer the story of old age. It is the story of long life. According to US census data, the average person spends nearly twenty years in the post-career phase of their lives. Luckily for those currently entering this phase, the traditional concept of retirement is quickly becoming outdated. We are at the dawn of the anti-retirement movement. A movement that assumes participants bring the same energy and enthusiasm to their post-career life that they brought to their career.

But every movement needs leaders, and the anti-retirement movement is finding two of its leaders in authors Patti and Milledge Hart. In The Resolutionist, Patti and Milledge identify twelve resolutions that can provide a framework for your continued growth, engagement and adventure after you’ve left the workplace. Using examples from their own sometimes bumpy journey from c-suite executive to a relevant and fulfilling anti-retirement life, Patti and Milledge suggest options for how to invest your resources—time, energy, wisdom, finances—to find your passions, develop new metrics for success, and surround yourself with kindred spirits.

You’ll walk away from this book enthusiastic about becoming a Resolutionist and inspired to make the next phase the best phase of your life. Welcome to the anti-retirement movement!

Patti and Milledge Hart have spent more than thirty years forging their own paths as Executive Leaders in numerous technology and investment banking businesses. Now, in the “Resolutionist” phase of their lives, they are applying their resources and skills in new ways to advance philanthropic and corporate activities around the globe. The Harts are learning, sharing and making a difference in the world beyond their traditional working years. And so can you!

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