Kristina Ayanian

Kristina Ayanian

Client Experience Lead, NASDAQ

Kristina Ayanian is an accomplished Executive Producer, Host, and Client Experience Lead at NASDAQ, with a demonstrated track record of providing bespoke services to private and public companies to help them amplify their brands and forge connections with their target audience.

Before joining NASDAQ, Kristina worked on the Marketing Analytics team at Synopsys and supported investments at Newscape Capital Group and Search Fund Accelerator. With her background in business and finance, Kristina offers a unique perspective on brand building and the challenges facing the modern marketplace.

In addition to her professional achievements, Kristina is an accomplished pianist who has performed at prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall. She received numerous accolades throughout her career, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold, Silver, and Bronze Level Awards, and she was a reporter on ABC’s Teen Kids News. She is also an Emmy nominee for an interview with HRH Prince Edward and a published author in the Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans.

As an advocate for cultural understanding and diversity, Kristina serves on the board of Who We Are, a non-profit organization committed to supporting cultural preservation.

Kristina’s commitment to supporting displaced families stems from her personal experience and upbringing as a first-generation American-Armenian who understands the challenges faced by those who have been forced to flee their homes. As Miss Universe Armenia 2022, she leverages her platform to lead various projects that provide aid to those in need, with a special emphasis on helping displaced families.

Kristina graduated cum laude from Bentley University with a dual degree in finance and global studies and a minor in corporate communications, demonstrating her passion for lifelong learning and continued professional growth.

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