Kevin Entwistle

Kevin Entwistle

Private Wealth Advisor at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Building millennial relationships through planning
Bringing his experience in investment research and due diligence to the practice, Kevin’s focus on the team is portfolio review and asset allocation, investment selection and risk monitoring. He is passionate about working with millennial clients, helping them understand the value of planning, budgeting and investing strategically to pursue their long-term goals and financial success.

Strengthening family ties
Kevin provides a fresh perspective on issues that affect clients and their families, particularly understanding generational wealth transfer concerns. Kevin helps provide family members with educational and professional advice, and motivates essential activities such as defining a family’s purpose. While starting the conversation can be an emotional topic, Kevin helps bring his own experience to family discussions and offers thoughtful and relevant solutions for each stage of a family’s wealth transfer plan.

Advice for each stage of the business cycle
Kevin helps young, successful founders and business executives build their wealth and prepare for future liquidity events. Because each stage of their business and personal life requires intelligent planning, Kevin develops a sophisticated financial plan for pursuing growth, innovation and transition. His clients can than focus their efforts on the other priorities in their lives.

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