Kelly Arena

Kelly Arena

Founder, Golden Hour Ventures

Kelley is the founder of Golden Hour Ventures, angel investor, consultant for women-founded business, and advocate for women in finance. She began her career at a professional football franchise (go Eagles!), rotated through various operating companies at Johnson & Johnson, and moved to investment banking at Merrill Lynch, specializing in public finance and healthcare mergers and acquisitions.

Kelley founded Golden Hour Ventures, with one mission in mind: to Make Women Rich. We do this by activating female angel investors, bringing women closer to their finances, realizing the power of our collective consumption, and diverting the flow of venture capital from 98% male founded companies to the incredible women founded companies who are ready to scale.

Kelley has since consulted with dozens of brands, and loves helping founders find their voice. She has a portfolio of 20 companies, boasting 18 companies founded by women. She is a proud mother of two wild boys, an advocate for students with special needs, and a regular volunteer with the Osborne Association, mentoring formerly incarcerated people reentering the job force.

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